Top 5 Tips on How to Lose Weight by Running

Running is an effective technique of weight loss. Actually, a lot of people have successfully shed off inches all...

Salman Khan Hair Transplant

Salman Khan, the star of Bollywood also has once faced the issue of extensive hair loss. For an individual...

Five Easy Exercises That Will Help Relieve Back Pain

Back pain is a common complication affects millions of people around the globe. If you aren’t experiencing it now,...

Joey Lawrence Hair Transplant

What is a Hair Transplant and Who Has Had it Done? A hair transplant is a great solution to...

Steve Carell Hair Transplant – A Magical And Youthful Transformation

Hair fall is a common woe for both men and women nowadays. Hair fall is very embarrassing and frustrating...
Giving Gadgets To Kids Why You Should Wait Until Your Child Is Older

Giving Gadgets To Kids?Why You Should Wait Until Your Child Is Older

Most parents lend their iPhones or iPads to their children so that their little munchkins would stop fussing. However, it’s not the ideal scenario when a busy parent hands over a gadget to a child so that the kid will become occupied. Additionally, due to the constant demand of child-friendly apps in the market, parents debate on whether it’s alright…

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10 Tips for Healthy Feet
Fitness, Food, Health

10 Tips for Healthy Feet

Don’t you think that many of us are biased in the way we treat our own bodies? Let me explain. Don’t you wash your face 4 to 6 or even more times a day? And your hands’ God knows how many times? But how often do you even look at your own feet? While there are exceptions to the rule,…

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Best Inversion Table Tips 2017
Fitness, Health

Best Inversion Table Tips 2017

Although inversion tables are a relatively modern invention, inversion therapy is a concept that is nearly as old as man himself. By design, inversion tables hold a person upside down to take advantage of gravity’s pull to relieve pain and decompress the spine. Gravity also changes the body’s blood flow while the inverted position gives the lymphatic system a chance…

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AlWays To Sleep Better And Wake Up Energized
Health, Lifestyle

Always To Sleep Better And Wake Up Energized

How you feel in the morning will not only determine your mood throughout the day but also your productivity, and so it is important to make sure that you sleep well and wake up feeling energized. For most people, this will only happen on some rare occasion, but the good news is that there are some things that you can…

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6 Diet Tips During Pregnancy
Food, Health

6 Diet Tips During Pregnancy

Good nutrition is essential for pregnancy because what you eat will have a direct impact on the health and growth of the unborn child. It is a fact that you will need to eat more which for most ladies is about 300 extra calories every day, but there is more to pregnancy diet that consuming extra food. What you eat…

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Jeremy Piven Hair Transplant

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