Jeremy Piven Hair Transplant

For those who watched Ellen and Seinfeld shows, the one character you would probably remember is Jeremy Piven. He played as a supportive character in the two shows. Many would remember him because of his bald head. Though there is absolutely nothing wrong with bald hair, but his was a bit funny because of his age by them. He started losing hair in his twenties and as the only way to keep his acting career alive, he had to go for a hair transplant which would later become to be known as the famous Jeremy Piven hair transplant.

jeremy piven hair transplant Jeremy Piven Hair Transplant

Why did Jeremy Piven have the hair transplant done?

Jeremy Piven hair transplant was aimed at saving him from the terrible hair loss at his young age. His hair line made him turn from focusing on mostly comedy to more serious acting. He became more famous when he started losing hair and even become more famous after the balding head got covered. Many believed that maybe it was the camera tricks which made him appear not bladed in his movies while others believed that he wore some artificial hair piece. While most people believed that he had undergone a hair transplant he decided to remain cool and not talk about the subject.

Did he actually undergo a hair transplant?

The fact still remains that Jeremy Piven hair transplant was a reality. From the pictures taken before and after the hair transplant one can vividly tell that indeed a hair transplant was done on the actor. From a closer look at his pictures, one can notice some scar on the back part of his head. The Jeremy Piven hair transplant is even clearer when his hair is wet. When his hair is wet the scar on his head comes out more clearly and this definitely justifies the fact that he underwent a hair transplant.

What type of hair transplant was it?

Reports emanating from those who have been close to the actor indicate that the famous Jeremy Piven hair transplant was a strip style one. This type of hair transplant happens when the hair is cut from the back part of the head and then used to form hair strands at the front part of the head or used in filling the area of the head where the balding is extensive. This type of hair transplant normally leaves a scar at the back part of the head and the scar takes some good time to disappear but from a closer look you can easily locate it. The scar can also be noticed after one has had a bath or when the hair is completely wet.

He denies to have done a hair transplant

Jeremy Piven has insisted that he never underwent a hair transplant. But the fact remains that in deed his bald head was filled with new hair, then if it was not through transplanting then what appears on his head must be some artificial pieces of hair. Whether the Jeremy Piven hair transplant is a reality or not remains to be debatable but the fact is that he got his bald head filled with some new hair.

They say, Perfect hair transplant it was

Some pundits argue that Jeremy’s new look is too good to be artificial. In fact they argue that he looks more natural than before the hair transplant was done. Many still say that if indeed Jeremy Piven underwent a hair transplant them that must have been a job perfectly and well done. Just like many other actors and celebrities who have undergone the procedure Jeremy might not be ready and willing to confirm whether the Jeremy Piven hair transplant is a reality or not, he will forever keep it under the carpet and leave us to continue guessing and debating about it. The truth still remains that the procedure changed Jeremy’s life and made him even a bigger actor who went on to win awards. Hair transplants are not bad; in fact they should be recommended if at all it is the only option which will save your career. But one important thing to note is that such a delicate procedure must be done with an experienced expert who knows what he is doing.

Matthew Mcconaughey Hair Transplant

Matthew mcconaughey is an American celebrity from Texas. He is best known for films such as the Lincoln lawyer among others. Most film enthusiasts know him because he never ceases to surprise. One surprise that went viral was about his hair loss and subsequent regrowth.

matthew mcconaughey hair transplant Matthew Mcconaughey Hair Transplant

Matthew mcconaughey hair transplant rumors

There have always been rumors about celebrities having hair transplants. Matthew mcconaughey is one of the actors who have had very successful hair transplants. A part from the fact that this actor is a successful movie actor, it should be understood that his hair transplant in another aspect that contributed to his popularity. He now has beautiful blond hair. Unlike in the past, he now has full and youthful looking hair. If you want to witness this, you may have to look at his photos from 1999.

Matthew mcconaughey transplant style involved FUE, popularly known as the Follicular Unit Extraction. This is a surgical procedure where plugs of hair are extracted from the scalp before being transplanted on to areas where hair has been lost. It is a unique form of hair transplant since its principles are not similar to those of other transplants e.g. strip surgery.

Matthew mcconaughey hair transplant revelation

It took a significant amount of time before the world could understand what had happened to the celebrity’s hair. People knew him to be somehow bald but after some time, the celebrity developed amazing hair. It was on the March Issue of Elle magazine the people confirmed that indeed something was happening to Matthew mcconaughey’s hair. This was after the celebrity revealed that he had been involved in the use of special hair loss treatment. He explained that the treatment had been successful as he had been able to have his hair back. Despite the fact that he did not reveal the efficiency of his treatment choice, people can learn and confirm that it is a very effective form of treatment ever.

Advice from the actor

The Matthew mcconaughey hair transplant is special in its kind. The actor has given a handful of advice to those who may want to explore his idea to regrow hair. The celebrity’s moony advice as it is popularly known reveals that the best results in this method will be achieved if the following tip is adopted:

· A person who intends to have thicker hair should cut it when the moon is almost full

He, however, appears skeptical about the effectiveness of some of the concepts in his choice of hair transplant.

What can we learn from Matthew mcconaughey hair transplant?

There are a couple of lessons that a person can learn from the celebrity’s choice. First of all, not all treatment options are safe. It is always important to try out treatment options that have been licensed by MHRA and those that have been approved by the Food and Drugs Administration. The medication should be tried for at least six months before a person can consider a hair transplant. Many people are tempted into believing that hair loss can only be treated using transplants. The celebrity has made it clear that a plan that contains propecia and minoxidil can facilitate regrowth of hair.

Hair treatment before transplant

Matthew mcconaughey hair transplant has elicited a lot of discussions. Different persons have forwarded their views and opinion about re growing lost hair. In response to what people say, the celebrity unfolds that his hair loss treatment line can be combined with several contemporary re-growth options so that a comprehensive hair care plan can be achieved. In that case, it is always important to consider safe options, especially those that have been approved by FDA. For example, the use of the LaserComb can be very effective if used in combination with Matthew mcconaughey hair transplant. It may facilitate fast regrowth. Other options which are safe are open for exploration too.


The Matthew mcconaughey hair transplant is a living testimony on growing hair where they have been lost. It restores hope in the hearts of those who thought they would remain bald for the rest of their lives. For good results, it is recommended that service-seekers work with reputable service providers and institutions. That is the only way to make a dream come true.

Joel Mchale Hair Transplant

For majority of men, receding hairline and graying are some of the common problems encountered with increasing age. Although some men will naturally experience rapid baldness and graying, the phenomenon is more prevalent among mature people. Graying is not much of a problem as there are many options for reinstating the original hair color without any difficulties. Balding can however be distressing considering the high prices and concerns of transplanting. Hair transplant is the only option to rejuvenate a receding hairline. Many famous personalities have undergone the procedure to boost their looks. The Joel Mchale hair transplant is just one of recent debates. The procedure can be very advantageous in boosting your looks, especially if you are a public personality. It should however be done with ultimate precaution and by experienced surgeons.

joel mchale hair transplant Joel Mchale Hair Transplant

What is hair transplant?

Hair transplanting, also referred to as hair implantation or hair restoration, is basically the process of permanently transplanting hair to a bald scalp. The procedure is surgical and involves permanent restoration of hair by grafting follicles resistant to balding. Depending on the available density and scalp condition, it may involve somewhere between 1000 and 3000 grafts. It also requires some recovery time since it is a surgical procedure. One perfect example of this process is the Joel Mchale hair transplant. He was just recently experiencing a fast hairline recession that led to an epic widow’s peck. However, the transplant restored his hair and it looks natural (very difficult to differentiate).

The procedures

There are a few procedures involved in the wholesome transplant since it is surgical. The transplant can be divided into four main phases that include pre-operation, hair harvesting, grafting and post-procedure care. They are the basic stages in all restoration practices, including Joel Mchale hair transplant.

• Pre-operation – During this phase, the patient visits a doctor to discuss expectations, preference and advice on which approach to take. The doctor may recommend single or multiple sessions and also discuss the possible outcome. He may also conduct a folliscopy to determine hair density which is used to assess the expected results after transplanting. Other recommendations may include vitamin application and advice against certain medication, alcohol and smoking. A comprehensive assessment and evaluation of current status and desired expectation will result in positive results comparable to the Joel Mchale hair transplant.

• Hair harvesting and grafting – This stage involves actual transplant of the hair follicles. Correct harvesting is paramount to positive results. Since hair grows at an angle, the technique used in harvesting must never be at a perpendicular angle to the scalp. There are various techniques, but the most commonly used include strip harvesting and follicular unit extraction (FUE). Strip harvesting is commonly used of the two and involves excising a strip of hair from healthy donor scalp. Using small micro-blades, the receiving scalp is then punctured at realistic angles that allow almost-natural grafting patterns like those of Joel Mchale hair transplant. FUE involves harvesting of stripes containing between 1 and 4 hair follicles when the patient is under anesthesia. The grafting procedure is similar to the former and involves micro-blades punches. This process may take several short sessions or a single long session. The candidates suitable for FUE are restricted by certain factors.

• Post-procedure care – This basically involves preventing infections, scabbing and traumatizing newly moved hair. The procedures here include shampooing which can be recommended a day or two after the transplant to avoid scalping and shock loss. The wounded area is also protected from sunlight. The hair will naturally fall off and new ones will begin to emerge. Joel Mchale hair transplant was very efficient and hardly noticeable since he did not take time off his shows to recuperate. This can be credited to using highly experienced surgeons and following all the advised precautions.


There are a few side effects of the transplanting process and the most notorious one is shock fall. This is a condition where newly transplanted hair falls off at a high rate (50-100 hair per day) resulting in temporal bald patches. However, it is a passing condition and new hair will grow soon after the fall. Other side effects such as swelling and itchiness are rare and one should immediately consult their doctors for remedy. Apart from the Joel Mchale hair transplant, there are many other people who have undergone the surgery like the famous Manchester United player Wayne Rooney.

Tom Brady Hair Transplant

For many men, and women, hair loss is a troubling component of aging. Our hair is a source of confidence and pride, and it is something that we tend to want to protect and maintain as much as possible. Sometimes, however, this is not achievable without the aid of some sort of hair growth product or a surgical procedure, as genetics and time team up to do with your hair what it wants, regardless of how much it distresses you. Deciding to undertake a hair transplant can be an uncomfortable decision, as many men tend to feel embarrassed about taking such a course of action. Their story ends up like that of Tom Brady’s hair transplant – reduced to speculation. Such shyness is not necessary, though, as the process is a straightforward procedure that corrects something millions of men deal with all the time. The example that Tom Brady’s hair transplant makes should be a positive, not a negative.

tom brady hair transplant Tom Brady Hair Transplant

The How:

Perhaps you’re concerned about the naturalness of a hair transplant, or how noticeable it may be to others. Considering today’s technology in this area, such concerns are really quite unnecessary. Hair transplants use your own hair, so you won’t have to worry about an artificial look and/or feel, nor will you have to worry about any adverse reactions your skin may have to the presence of something foreign. The procedure is referred to as a transplant because the hair used is brought from another part of your scalp, from hair that is resistant to balding, and then this hair is precisely removed and repositioned in the balding area. The resulting look is natural and virtually undetectable – good news for Tom Brady’s hair transplant concerns.

Real Life Examples:

Whether open or more secretive about their hair transplant procedures, men all over the world have been turning to this option to fight thinning and baldness. Many celebrities and athletes have openly admitted to having undergone a hair transplant operation. Wayne Rooney (English footballer), A.J. McLean (The Backstreet Boys), Kyran Braken (rugby player), Joey Fatone (NSYNC), and John Cleese (comedian), have all opened up about their hair transplants, commenting on what a great decision it was and how they need not hide it. Former New England Patriots player, Wes Welker, has also been open about his hair transplant, although he declined to comment on speculation regarding former teammate Tom Brady’s hair transplant.


A lot of planning goes into a hair transplant procedure, so you can be assured that every possible angle of your case will be thoroughly scrutinized before any operation is commenced. The area to receive the transplant is thoroughly assessed, along with the donor areas of the scalp. Certain requirements will need to be met before operation, such as ceasing to take certain medications that could interfere with the procedure. The surgical procedure itself is only mildly invasive, with the use of local anesthesia really the only necessary pain numbing agent, although mild sedation is an option. One would assume that with the sort of profession he’s in, the idea of possible pain wouldn’t get in the way of Tom Brady’s hair transplant.

Surgical Procedures:

Two options are available for doctors to choose from in the hair transplanting process. One is known as strip harvesting, where a strip of skin from the donor site is removed and hair is taken from said strip, assessed, and then transplanted to the new site. This is the most common practice in hair transplant procedures, but another option is to utilize follicular unit extraction, also known as FUE harvesting. This technique involves the removal of small clusters of hair units, and while it usually takes longer, the results are natural looking and come with the added benefit of removing less skin area, thus providing a less invasive operation. With this in mind, one might speculate that it will be the route taken for Tom Brady’s hair transplant.

What to Expect After Surgery:

Post-op care is very straightforward. All of the directions your doctor will provide you with are designed to ensure the highest percentage of success from the procedure. Shampooing is very important as it prevents scabs from forming and killing off the hair. The transplanted hair usually falls out, due to the shock of being moving, but after a couple of months it grows back and provides you with natural looks. Perhaps this little fact might be proving a stumbling block for Tom Brady’s hair transplant.

Jude Law Hair Transplant

Male baldness is responsible-for more than 95 % of loss of hair in men. According to American Hair Loss-Association, about 25 % of men start experiencing loss of hair at the of age 21 years, and more than 60 % of men experience some hair-loss by the age of 35 years. Hair loss usually affects one’s self esteem, careers & personal relationships, prompting many men to investigate options that are available for hair transplant, regrowth or replacement.

jude law hair transplant Jude Law Hair Transplant

Jude Law Hair Transplant

Hair loss may occur because of medical conditions or side effects of certain medications, but it mostly occurs because of androgenic alopecia, also known as male pattern-baldness (abbreviated as, MPB.) MBP is basically a hereditary condition which causes follicles to develop sensitivity-to dihydrotestosterone (abbreviated as, DHT). When the sensitivity develops, follicles begin to miniaturize, which in turn shortens lifespan of the affected follicles. Hair follicles affected by DHT slowly stop producing-hair, thus resulting in male baldness. Luckily, there are several drugs which have been developed and can stop or slow the process if proper treatment is done in the starting stages. Jude Law hair transplant is a great example of a successful hair transplant.

Hair transplant surgery basically uses your healthy hair follicles and then transplants them to the areas where hair follicles have died. Jude Law hair transplant in one such case. A section of the skin that contains follicles is taken or extracted from the back or sides of your head where the hair is still being produced. Tiny slits are then made in the scalp and donor grafts are then implanted into balding areas as seen in Jude Law hair transplant. The number-of sessions which are needed in order to cover the bald spots normally vary depending-on the size of that bald area. Hair will be transplanted to front and top of the head first, since those areas are most noticeable as evident in Wayne Rooney and Jude Law hair transplant. However, hair transplants may probably not be as appropriate for those with very large-bald spots.

Benefits of Hair Transplant

A huge benefit of hair-transplant is that it’s a remarkably effective and versatile procedure. Hair transplant can be used in treating male pattern baldness MPB, scarring, & in facial reconstruction-efforts. Another benefit is that they work almost immediately. Chemical treatments-for hair loss may take months or at times years to actually work and they may never give the kind of efficacy which hair transplantation does as evident in Jude Law hair transplant. Hair transplants work immediately and usually, only takes about 4 hours to finish. This kind of immediate-gratification is a definite positive facet-of the procedure.

Hair transplant can be basically described as a surgical-transplant of hair from certain other parts of the head to the bald areas. Hair transplants aren’t for everyone and may be somewhat expensive. However, if other forms of hair growth treatment fail, hair transplant-surgery can be the most suitable alternative.

How It Works:
Hair transplant surgery usually works by using permanent fringe-hair around the sides and the back of scalp. These areas of hair, more so in those who suffer from male pattern-baldness, is called “donor dominant-hair.” Donor dominant-hair has ability to grow-on the balding areas where it’s transplanted.

The Procedure

Hair transplant-surgery is an out patient procedure and the patients undergo local-anesthesia before this surgery starts. After anesthesia has been effectively administered, the transplant-surgeon will then remove hair follicles from donor dominant spots and then divide them into individual-grafts. The grafts may contain 1 or 2 hairs (micro-grafts) to 6 hairs (mini-grafts). Once these grafts have been well prepared, they’re inserted underneath your skin on the balding areas and left to regrow new hair patches. This procedure can last around 4 to 8 hours, and in many cases it needs to be spread-out in more than a single visit til the whole area has been fully covered. Jude Law hair transplant is one such great example.


There’s usually a small amount-of scarring which will occur/happen at the donor-site where the donor hair was removed. But the rest-of the hair at donor dominant-hair-site usually covers the scars & makes them nearly-impossible to see as seen in Jude Law hair transplant. Scabbing can also occur on the bald-areas where the hair was transplanted. The scabbing usually disappears in 1 or 2 weeks.


After surgery is done, hair will fall-out of the hair follicles. This doesn’t mean that the surgery failed, it’s merely another part of the hair transplant process. 1 to 3 months after surgery, your normal hair will start growing at the graft sites. Additional hair transplant treatments will give you even thicker hair.

John Travolta Hair Transplant

John Travolta has successfully over the years maintained his glory days through a respectable hairline. It is no longer a secret that John Travolta has a bald, thanks to hair transplant technology, he has maintained the days when he was an authority even in his prime age. Initially, it was hard to realise that the star actually has a gradually maturing bald, when he realized he is actually suffering from baldness, he has transformed his hair doing a lot of stuff ranging from wearing a wig until he settled for a John Travolta hair transplant. For years John Travolta has been regarded to have the least convincing hairline in the entire Hollywood. He seems to get full satisfaction from hair transplants, which he says are natural and gives him a stable image from his youthful days.

john travolta hair transplant John Travolta Hair Transplant

John Travolta Worst Kept Secret

John Travolta has now given up the fact that he has been hiding from his worst fear; giving a little helping hand to his hair loss. The Hollywood star has successfully for years been wearing a weave, his best kept secret. On January 14, John Travolta was spotted wearing an enviable mop of hair when he the opening of New York Breitling Flagship watch store. A few days later, January 22, he was spotted having dinner with his wife Kelly Preston at Mr. Chow with full hair yet short cut. Three days later, Travolta was spotted at the USA G’Day gala with his hair firmly in place again. John seems to have grown hair in a matter of only a few days, John Travolta hair transplant.

A Plain Shave, 2008 film, From Paris with Love

In the 2008 film, From Paris with Love, John Travolta shaved bald. A few days later, he was wearing full long hair again just after a few days. Remember him quoting in the movie “I like it a lot; I really love it because it is a natural bald, and it gives me freedom to be bald.” John Travolta seemed to be enjoying this trend, changing from strongly receding to straight and full on any one given day. Just like other celebrities, John Travolta changed his hair style supported by the right hair transplant systems, wigs ad products. As a celebrity, you need to change your hair style as demanded by the different casts, roles and sessions like the John Travolta hair transplant.

John Travolta Using Wigs, Hairpieces

John Travolta has never confirmed using a weave anywhere, in the movies or to the media. If he were wearing a wig, it would be easily spotted. There are a number of celebrities who have come clean about this trend to turn the clock back. Just like other men, going bald has been a major concern for John Travolta, and he has ventured into several techniques to hide his fear, until he settled from a John Travolta hair transplant, which seems to work naturally for him. When you are a celebrity, unfortunately, people tend to take the lightest opportunity they get to pick faults. People always ask questions. When John turned for interviews wearing suspiciously floppy and dense frontal hairline, people can easily note the weaves used to hold the hair system upright. The celebrities use the hair systems to disguise their hair loss problems. John Travolta hair transplant is specifically to help the star stay on top of his game.

Travolta Bad Hair Days

John Travolta has in many occasions caught with his hair system and without them in just one single day. Having admitted that he actually wears a John Travolta hair transplant, it looks like he has had a very difficult time deciding whether to reveal to people or not. The 57 year old star is spotted bald after laying tennis with his old friends, and then a few moments later, he is seen wearing thick full head of hair with a beaming smile.

John Travolta is in his prime age, while he has to balance his role as a superstar and a natural person with a life, he wears is a John Travolta hair transplant. This way he has a win situation, accepting that he is actually aging and while at the same time appealing to his fan base. Hair plant technology is safe to wear, natural and gives you that stable image you need to maintain even down to your old age.

Steve Carell Hair Transplant – A Magical And Youthful Transformation

Hair fall is a common woe for both men and women nowadays. Hair fall is very embarrassing and frustrating as it can cause damage to a person’s self-confidence. Hair transplant is a perfect option for those trying to cope up with the menace of hair loss. Yes, hair transplant is one of the methods of tackling hair loss. It is a quick-fix solution that promises to deliver visible and desirable results. A number of high-profile celebrities have opted for hair transplantation surgery during the recent times to retain a fuller head of hair. This is because they are aware that appearance is of paramount importance to survive in the entertainment industry. Steve Carell hair transplant is also the talk of the town. Steve Carell, the most talented American actor, comedian, director, producer and writer has undergone a hair transplant for a much denser hairline.

steve carell hair transplant Steve Carell Hair Transplant   A Magical And Youthful Transformation

Steve Carell hair transplant:

Hair loss is a problem faced by millions of men and women across the world and celebrities are no exception to this. Steve Carell, is a popular media personnel who has a large crowd of fans and admirers across the globe. When “The Office” started he was losing his hair and it got progressively worse but now this venerable actor has gorgeous, flowing locks. After the hair transplantation surgery his hair got thicker and only showed slight recession. This was because he kept his normal hairline intact and created a slight make over that filled in the density dramatically. However he never admitted of having had a hair transplant. Steve Carell hair transplant is the hottest debate going on among his fans and admirers.

Need for a hair transplant:

From Steve Carell hair transplant it is apparent that hair transplantation surgery has the potential to truly transform a person’s overall appearance. Steve Carell was experiencing a frontal recession and hence opted for a hair transplant to retain his image. Hair transplants have proven to restore the natural hairline and even arrest hair fall in millions of men across the globe. Hair transplant results in fuller hair that represents a virile image. Innovative techniques like follicular unit extraction, micro grafting and follicular unit transplantation make hair transplantation absolutely undetectable. Remember, a hair transplant is not a hair piece and hence does not result in a pluggy look. A hair transplant can help you boost your self-confidence and make you look and feel better for your age.

Benefits of hair transplant:

1. Hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure to effectively treat hair loss. The greatest benefit of this medically maneuvered technique is the aesthetic change.

2. Hair transplantation surgery can build self-esteem and ease insecurities. It can make you feel younger, positive and open up new social experiences. A fuller head of hair can bring more confidence. This was how Steve Carell hair transplant made him feel. Yes, he witnessed life-transforming and impressive results after the hair transplantation surgery.

3. Hair transplant assures immediate results and instant gratification.

4. On account of the continually evolving techniques and procedures hair transplants look very natural. This is the reason why Steve Carell hair transplant is still undetectable and invisible.

5. Hair transplantation involves meticulous transplantation of a person’s own, natural hair. Hence, the transplanted follicles continue to grow through the person’s life. Steve Carell hair transplant evidences that he will stay evergreen in the entertainment industry.

6. Bearing in mind the everlasting effect the cost of the process is also reasonable.

Things you should know before opting for a hair transplant:

1. Find the right surgeon to ensure that you are in safe hands when you opt to have a hair transplant.

2. Never compromise on the price. Remember good and permanent results can cost a little more. Hair transplants may be a bit expensive but it is also better to pay more and approach a reputable clinic than end up in disastrous results.

3. Talk to your doctor and consider which procedure is best for you.

4. Check whether the clinic is reputable and the surgeon has good experience in performing hair transplantation procedures.

5. Take your time to research because this is a big decision in your life. Hence make sure you are going ahead for the right reasons.


As more and more people become prone to hair loss, hair transplantation surgeries have become rampant. Celebrities to common men opt for hair transplant surgery to salvage their receding hair line and cover up their dwindling volume of hair. With hair transplanting procedures becoming more common and fuss-free even the common man is resorting to these procedures.

Joey Lawrence Hair Transplant

What is a Hair Transplant and Who Has Had it Done?

A hair transplant is a great solution to those men who have male pattern baldness. Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that removes individual hair follicles from a different site of the body and then implants them into the hair follicles on the head. This is a fairly expensive surgery, but can be totally worth it if you struggle with baldness and are in need of a self confidence boost! In today’s world there are actually several male celebrities that have undergone this surgery! The most famous celebrities who have has this procedure done are Matthew McConaughey, John Travolta, Mel Gibson, David Beckham, Elton John, Bono, Sean Penn, Billy Bob Thornton, Jude Law, Gordon Ramsay, and Sylvester Stallone . However the hair transplant that topped it off was the Joey Lawrence hair transplant.

Joey Lawrence Hair Transplant 300x168 Joey Lawrence Hair Transplant

Is the Joey Lawrence Hair Transplant Real or Fake?

It is still in question as to whether or not the Joey Lawrence hair transplant is a myth or fact. Some believe that it is not real, but others rely on the facts of the matter. When you look at recent pictures of Joey Lawrence you can see that he now has a miraculous full head of hair. Also when you look in close up pictures you can see that his hairline is sparse and grafty. These are some of the characteristics of a hair transplant. However, when you look at distanced pictures you can hardly notice the difference. Another characteristic that suggests the Joey Lawrence hair transplant is legitimate is the precise widow’s peak and straight lines. When you look at somebody’s hair on a day to day basis you will notice that the lines are never perfectly straight. All of this evidence proves that the Joey Lawrence hair transplant is in fact legitimate.

The Pros of Hair Transplants

The first pro is that you are your own donor. This leads to a decreased risk of infection through donors. There is also usually no money down for a consultation. This can be a great benefit if you just want to go in the doctor’s office to find out how much the whole procedure would cost. Another benefit is that the procedure is relatively simple and does not require you to be put under anesthesia. In this case the doctors usually use a numbing cream just on the spots of removal and placement of the hair follicles. This is great for individuals who have a fear of being put to sleep and get anxious about it. In today’s technological advancement it is now easier to undergo the surgery because a machine will distribute the hair evenly. It is no wonder why the Joey Lawrence hair transplant has got us to think about these great benefits!

The Cons of Hair Transplants

Even though there are several benefits to a hair transplant there also risks and cons involved as well. The first disadvantage is if you do not want to be your own donor it can be more costly. There is also a risk of disease and infection if you decide to use a hair donor. Finding a hair donor is also another disadvantage in itself. There are many hair donors out there, but it can be difficult to find a donor that has the same exact hair color as you. Also, if you are in need of a lot of thick hair you may end up with scarring due to the dense packing of the hair follicles. It is also possible that the surgeon may need to remove a part of your dermis for implantation. You also have to keep in mind that in rare circumstances the hair follicles may not stay in place which would cause you to spend more money because you cannot simply grow the hair back. If you have the money to spend this may not be a problem, but if it is a problem you would want to take advantage of the free consultation and research on how to properly take care of your scalp after the procedure to avoid some of these disadvantages.


There are several advantages and disadvantages to have a hair transplant done. However the most important thing is to do what makes you happy, and don’t neglect doing the research on the subject. While some hair transplants look great, other do not so it is important to tell your doctor exactly what your expectations are in order to achieve the best results!

Salman Khan Hair Transplantat

Salman Khan, the star of Bollywood also has once faced the issue of extensive hair loss. For an individual like Salman whose looks have lot to do for his career cannot obviously bear this drastic loss of hair which could have ruined his star value in the entertainment Biz. Salman Khan hair transplant was a buzz in the Bollywood as both his co-factors and his admirers were wondering about the change that he had in his looks. He is the example of a successful hair transplant that can make anyone admire.

Salman Khan Salman Khan Hair Transplantat

Recession and Salman

Salman khan is really a man of disguise and can be considered as the one who is born for show biz. He loves hair and has got great obsession towards hair. He is the one who has got fans all across the world and is chosen as the sexiest man alive in the world by people magazine. The severe hair loss that has happened to him might have shattered image in the industry. It was from the year 2002 the recession was visible on him. This is the time when his photographs revealed the forehead being more visible than it is intended to be. This has probably lead to Salman khan hair transplant. It is during this time that Salman is rumored to go through the hair transplantation procedure. He even shaved his head which may be an attempt to conceal the severe hair loss that is affecting his hair line and his overall looks.

The Proof of Procedure

The photos of the time when Salman Khan has shaved his head, there are perfect marks on his scalp which showed the after effect of the procedure on his head. This is something that reveals the Salman Khan Hair transplant procedure. There is no possibility for these celebrities to hide the things that they are doing to enhance their looks because the whole world is staring at them with curiosity to find out what ate the changes that are happening to them.

Family History of Recession

When it comes to hair recession, it is always something that is much related with heredity. In the case of Salman Khan, it can be clearly visible that he has got the baldness from his father. This has not affected his father much as he is the intellectual element of Indian cinema and his looks had little to do with his career bit for Salman his looks are the important element. There are still innumerable girls around various parts of the world who admire his looks and are die hard fans of him. This fan following and the star image he had in Bollywood might have lead to Salman Khan Hair transplant. There are less effects of baldness on his brothers but he has got the very bad effect of it. Hair transplantation has helped him in coming out of the issue of hair loss that he was facing.

Before the Surgery

The Salman Khan Hair transplant is something that has made this procedure much popular as it had really done magic on the looks of this famous actor. Before hair transplantation Sallu miya was going on really a difficult period. His forehead was visible much which has made him feel more conscious while coming in front of media. He is the individual who always cared about his looks and also have got many good comments about his looks than his acting talents. Sallu bhai has captured hearts of innumerable gals with his sexy and awesome looks which was about to get damaged.

After Surgery

Salman Khan hair transplant has resulted in much positive impact on the looks of great Salman Khan. It just looked like we got back our, young charming bad boy of Bollywood with the same confidence. Sallu Bhai is the man who is dare enough to try all the possibilities with his looks but who has also concerns much about the way he looks. Getting Salman back in such great looks is really a good thing for Btown.

The Salman Khan Hair transplant can be considered as the perfect example for a successful hair transplant procedure. There are chances for everyone to try this for enhancing the looks.

Daniel Tosh Hair Transplant : the buzz behind Daniel Tosh’s hair

For most of Daniel Tosh’s fans, the facts that he was actually balding during the onset of his comedy show “Tosh.0.” was and still is apparent, and somewhat disturbing also. However, his fans and viewers were (and most still are) surprised by how quickly he got his hair and looks back, making it just as rich and thick today as it was before the balding signs came crouching. On his part, Daniel Tosh did not make a lot of remarks about his “situation” and this fueled debate about his hair even more. The Daniel Tosh hair transplant then became quite a big topic in the comedy scene and especially among fans.

Daniel Tosh hair transplant 2 1024x512 Daniel Tosh Hair Transplant : the buzz behind Daniel Tosh’s hair

The telltale signs of balding in Daniel Tosh

Nobody knows for sure, but the first apparent signs of Daniel Tosh’s balding were very noticeable during the first season of his comedy show Tosh.0. During his first season, the signs of balding were especially well visible in his hair outline where most of the hair could be seen to be receding gradually. This was also complemented by some random balding patches on his head’s surface. For most of his fans and viewers who got a glimpse of the show, this gave him quite a bad look admittedly, and is probably what led to the rapid response on his part. It is after this that the Daniel Tosh hair transplant came to play giving his hair the same old rich look and creating a buzz in the celebrity scene.

Daniel Tosh hair transplant

After his wrecking appearance during the onset of his comedy show, the look of his hair got better and better, making his head look fuller with time in his subsequent shows. Just as the balding, this was also very noticeable. It however did not stir as much buzz during the beginning as it did when Tosh had the same old appearance on his head back. As compared to his first season, his hair was now fuller, and covered his head evenly. In fact, was it not for the fact that most people had seen him when his hair was failing, most people would not have believed it was a hair transplant. However, there is still a lot of buzz in the comedy world about what Daniel exactly did with his hair, and while some say it’s the common Hollywood tricks, others believe it was indeed a Daniel Tosh hair transplant. However, Daniel Tosh, the man himself, gave several hints towards what he had done with his hair in his subsequent shows.

Daniel Tosh Hair Transplant Daniel Tosh Hair Transplant : the buzz behind Daniel Tosh’s hair

Just another joke

During one of his shows, after his hair was better and fuller, Daniel Tosh mentioned about his hair growing back zealously as a result of black market hair products and propecia. This came as a baffle to most of his fans and viewers worldwide, but for others who know him for what he is, a comedian, found it hard to believe. However, on his part, Daniel Tosh did not comment much about the hint, leaving most of the people to wonder whether it was in deed a true hint or not. However, people looking to find out the truth behind Daniel Tosh hair transplant confirmed with surgeons who said that the results on his head matched those obtained using non-surgical procedures. There may hence be some truth behind it, but you never really know with this guy, especially when he said it on set.

Daniel Tosh hair transplant; years later

It has been quite some time since Tosh.0 first season, and consequently time since Daniel Tosh’s hair balding. Fortunately for him, his balding did not mature, and his approach was effective and amazingly fast. Amazingly still, his hair even now has the same rich and full look it has always had even before the signs of aging first showed. This is what particularly makes most of his fans and viewers marvel and wonder just exactly what he did with his hair, as he seems to have no visible side-effects yet, and it’s been quite some time. However, on his part, Daniel Tosh does have quite a lot of money to meet whatever procedures and access to the best doctors and facilities in Hollywood, most importantly, he has a reputation and appearance to uphold, and balding was not cutting it in his show Tosh.