Jeremy Piven Hair Transplant

Jeremy Piven Hair Transplant

For those who watched Ellen and Seinfeld shows, the one character you would probably remember is Jeremy Piven. He played as a supportive character in the two shows. Many would remember him because of his bald head. Though there is absolutely nothing wrong with bald hair, but his was a bit funny because of his age by them. He started losing hair in his twenties and as the only way to keep his acting career alive, he had to go for a hair transplant which would later become to be known as the famous Jeremy Piven hair transplant.

Why did Jeremy Piven have the hair transplant done?

Jeremy Piven hair transplant was aimed at saving him from the terrible hair loss at his young age. His hair line made him turn from focusing on mostly comedy to more serious acting. He became more famous when he started losing hair and even become more famous after the balding head got covered. Many believed that maybe it was the camera tricks which made him appear not bladed in his movies while others believed that he wore some artificial hair piece. While most people believed that he had undergone a hair transplant he decided to remain cool and not talk about the subject.


Did he actually undergo a hair transplant?

The fact still remains that Jeremy Piven hair transplant was a reality. From the pictures taken before and after the hair transplant one can vividly tell that indeed a hair transplant was done on the actor. From a closer look at his pictures, one can notice some scar on the back part of his head. The Jeremy Piven hair transplant is even clearer when his hair is wet. When his hair is wet the scar on his head comes out more clearly and this definitely justifies the fact that he underwent a hair transplant.

What type of hair transplant was it?

Reports emanating from those who have been close to the actor indicate that the famous Jeremy Piven hair transplant was a strip style one. This type of hair transplant happens when the hair is cut from the back part of the head and then used to form hair strands at the front part of the head or used in filling the area of the head where the balding is extensive. This type of hair transplant normally leaves a scar at the back part of the head and the scar takes some good time to disappear but from a closer look you can easily locate it. The scar can also be noticed after one has had a bath or when the hair is completely wet.

He denies to have done a hair transplant

Jeremy Piven has insisted that he never underwent a hair transplant. But the fact remains that in deed his bald head was filled with new hair, then if it was not through transplanting then what appears on his head must be some artificial pieces of hair. Whether the Jeremy Piven hair transplant is a reality or not remains to be debatable but the fact is that he got his bald head filled with some new hair.

They say, Perfect hair transplant it was

Some pundits argue that Jeremy’s new look is too good to be artificial. In fact they argue that he looks more natural than before the hair transplant was done. Many still say that if indeed Jeremy Piven underwent a hair transplant them that must have been a job perfectly and well done. Just like many other actors and celebrities who have undergone the procedure Jeremy might not be ready and willing to confirm whether the Jeremy Piven hair transplant is a reality or not, he will forever keep it under the carpet and leave us to continue guessing and debating about it. The truth still remains that the procedure changed Jeremy’s life and made him even a bigger actor who went on to win awards. Hair transplants are not bad; in fact they should be recommended if at all it is the only option which will save your career. But one important thing to note is that such a delicate procedure must be done with an experienced expert who knows what he is doing.