7 Easy Ways Moms Can Stay Healthy and Happy

If you are a mom, then chances are most of your time revolves around your kids and husband. And yeah, being a mom is awesome. You do multiple roles and handle multiple responsibilities. But, on the other hand, it also invites stress, worry, sleep deprivation, and other emotional problems. There can’t ever be a day […]

Foods to Boost Your Intelligence

Foods to Boost Your Intelligence

Usually, diet plans focus mostly on the goal of weight loss. But it’s important to note that a good diet plan should focus on improving mental health as well. There are certain foods that help boost your brain function. We have compiled a list of such foods which will not only help you reduce weight […]

Residential Treatment for Adolescents: 8 Frequently Asked Questions

Residential Treatment for Adolescents 8 Frequently Asked Questions

Mental health treatment is often necessary for teens to live their best life. Because roughly 1 in 5 teenagers experience a serious mental health condition and because our society is beginning to understand just how important mental health treatments can be, the past ten years have seen a significant increase in the number of mental […]

The Morning Routine Guides: Healthy Ways to Start Your Day

The Morning Routine Guides Healthy Ways to Start Your Day

Ever get up in the morning worried about occupied schedules, loads of work to finish, expecting a heavy traffic jam ahead, and catching up quotas and deadlines? Well, those are just common challenges that we’re facing every single day and can potentially ruin your entire day when mishandled. The way you start the morning can […]

Why should you start your day with resistance training?

Why should you start your day with resistance training

Training using a resistance band is becoming ever more popular, with many of us using a band to add an extra difficulty level to our bodyweight exercises, to replace using free weights or large scale gym equipment and to allow us the freedom to work out anywhere we like – the park, the beach, even […]

Build Muscle and Burn Fat With EmSculpting

Build Muscle and Burn Fat With EmSculpting

Personally sculpting your body via dieting and exercise doesn’t always work out. Maybe what you’re doing isn’t strong enough, maybe it’ll take too long, or maybe for what you’re trying to accomplish won’t even work. There’s a lot of methods out there to sculpt your body with plastic surgery but that’s usually invasive and it […]