7 Easy Ways Moms Can Stay Healthy and Happy

If you are a mom, then chances are most of your time revolves around your kids and husband. And yeah, being a mom is awesome. You do multiple roles and handle multiple responsibilities.

But, on the other hand, it also invites stress, worry, sleep deprivation, and other emotional problems. There can’t ever be a day when a mom doesn’t go through these.

It’s no secret that kids are the most important people for moms. But in the process of taking care of them, sometimes you might forget to pay attention to your health and happiness. That can leave you frustrated and upset about your life.

The irony is that you will mostly realize the effects of ignorance at a later stage in your life after you’re your kids are grown up, and you need someone to take care of you. All of this comes down to just one thing: the more you take care of your health at a young age, the less you will have to worry about your health and happiness in the future. A healthy mom is not only a happier mom but also someone who can have better interaction with her kids.

If you’re trying to manage your kids and household while being healthy and happy, here are some simple tips that can help you do just that.

#1. Find some time for yourself

Take a break. You deserve it!

Find some time for yourself; spend some time watering plants in your garden, read a book, walk around to the local market and see what’s special, or do something that you’ve wanting to do but have not done yet. Even a simple facial or hot water bath can be refreshing for your body and mind.

No matter what you try, the most important thing to remember is ‘the focus is on you’. Even if it’s for a few minutes, giving some valuable time for yourself can make things a lot better for you especially when you’re leading a hectic lifestyle.

#2. Exercise

Exercise is one of the most reliable solutions for almost all types of physical and mental problems. If you are not doing it, then you’re missing some serious benefits.

One easy way to motivate yourself to exercise daily is to make it a part of your daily routine. Schedule your workouts like you would an appointment or a meeting. Preferably, make them your top priority in the morning because it can help kick-start your day on a healthy note.

#3. Reconnect with your friends

Whether it’s a night out with your relatives or a get-together with your childhood friends, reconnecting can help keep in touch with people whom you don’t get to meet daily. Even a weekend outing with your husband and kids can be a fun way to improve your bonding.

A study conducted by the National Marriage Project revealed that couples who had a night out at least once a week were three times happier than those who didn’t. Moms who engaged in weekly meetings said that they were leading a better life as a wife, mom, and homemaker.

#4. Get sufficient sleep

Getting enough sleep is beneficial for your health in many ways. It relaxes your mind, enhances your mood, reduces emotional worries, and makes you more productive. Never delay your sleep for any reason. If you know that tomorrow you have to get up 30 minutes early to prepare a special meal or drop your children at school, then make sure you sleep 30 minutes in advance. This could make a whole lot of difference to your health and happiness.

#5. Have one-on-ones with your kids

You are as important in your children’s life as much as they are in your life. Their dad might be away most of the time, but don’t miss the opportunity to have some fun-filled one-on-one sessions with your kids. This will give them a great chance to learn some valuable lessons from their mom. And at the same time, the interactions you have with them will also help you to understand them better.

#6. Eat right

Supplying your body with the essential nutrients can help you gain the energy that is required to meet the demands of multitasking. A healthy diet can help improve your productivity, enhance your mood, prevent common diseases, and help you sleep better.

Stay away from heavily processed foods, and go for organic foods like raw fruits and vegetables to get healthier.

#7. Be positive

Like it or not, if you are the one sabotaging your happiness. Reacting negatively to situations can easily lead to upset and worry.

Negativity can cause upsets and prevent you from giving your best in things that you do. In turn, it can hinder your overall happiness. The best way to improve your life is to change your thinking from negative to positive.


These are some simple but effective ways to stay healthy and happy in life. So, how do you stay happy as a mom? What changes do you think will make the biggest positive difference in your life?