Build Muscle and Burn Fat With EmSculpting

Build Muscle and Burn Fat With EmSculpting

Personally sculpting your body via dieting and exercise doesn’t always work out. Maybe what you’re doing isn’t strong enough, maybe it’ll take too long, or maybe for what you’re trying to accomplish won’t even work. There’s a lot of methods out there to sculpt your body with plastic surgery but that’s usually invasive and it can take a while for you to see results.

Invasive surgery is expensive and not preferable so you might be wondering what you can do to help yourself aside from dieting and exercise. And that’s where EmSculpting comes in, which is a non-invasive procedure to help you build muscle while also burning fat at the same time.

What is it? How does it work?

EmSculpting can be defined as a non-invasive toning procedure. EmSculpt is a body-contouring energy device that is FDA-cleared. Its purpose is to build muscle while also burning fat with results being seen almost immediately, within a day or even right after treatment.

The device contracts your muscles past what is voluntarily possible which allows you to gain better muscle tone and a reduction in fat. It works by focusing electromagnetic energy to the specified area which pushes your muscles into overdrive and causes them to contract to 100% and holds it there for up to 6 seconds, which is far longer than the average person is able to do. 

The average person can only contract their muscles to 35% for less than a second. Since the muscles are pushed to extremes, they reshape which also removes the fat cells in the area. It essentially causes 20,000 contractions to happen in the span of one session, which is half an hour. 

Ideal Candidate

This procedure isn’t right for everyone and depending on who you are it won’t solve your problem perfectly. But the ideal candidate is someone who already practices a healthy lifestyle. EmSculpt is by no means a replacement for regular exercise and a healthy diet. Someone who already exercises the muscle groups they plan on getting worked with EmSculpt will see a longer-lasting effect.

Standard Procedure

Typically, you’ll have a minimum of 4 sessions that are 30 minutes each and should be scheduled two to three days apart. During each session, you can practically just let the machine do its thing and relax until the session is over.

It should be noted that this procedure should not be done if you are pregnant, have metal near the active site, or if you have a pacemaker. The metal could heat up which could cause complications and if you have a pacemaker then the procedure could short-circuit it. Aside from that, it should be pretty straightforward.  The procedure is non-invasive as previously mentioned and doesn’t require any preparation. The procedure itself isn’t painful nor should it cause any discomfort. However, it does feel like something so it may feel weird at first at which point your operator can change how intense the device is. Since it’s configurable, everything should be pretty easy to handle.


The price of Ensculpt, like everything, varies. It varies on the doctor that you meet with for the procedure as well as what area of your body will be worked on. On average, however, each session costs around $750 to $1000, which means that if you do four sessions the overall price of the procedure will be at most, $4000 and will most likely not be covered by insurance.


Since the procedure is non-invasive, there’s little chance that you will be experiencing any side effects. However, a side effect that you could feel is muscle soreness, similar to the muscle soreness one feels after an intensive workout. If you do experience soreness you shouldn’t work out for a couple of hours or a day after treatment. The third phase of the treatment is also supposed to mitigate any muscle soreness.      

Difference Between EmSculpt and CoolSculpting 

Both EmSculpt and Coolscupting are non-surgical body sculpting procedures that lead many to wonder what the difference between the two is. To start off, both are FDA-approved, and while Coolsculpting has been around longer, they both are effective at their job.

EmSculpt is the only one that actually builds muscle while reducing fat, it usually removes up to 19% of fat while increasing muscle mass by 16%. CoolSculpting only removes fat and removes up to 22% of fat after a couple of weeks post-treatment. CoolScuplting also has multiple pieces of equipment that can allow it to reduce fat in many areas.

Results are different from these two procedures, for EmSculpt it’s for removing fat and building muscle when you’re already athletic. CoolSculpt is for those who have “pinch-able” rolls of fat that they would like to be removed. Which procedure you go with should be decided by a doctor to get the best possible result that you seek.

Another difference resides in the procedure. In EmScupting, the patient can just relax as their muscles are pushed to the max, no temperature or suction is involved. With CoolSculpting, however, it uses cold temperatures to kill fat cells which makes some patients experience a bearable but potentially uncomfortable numbing while patients with EmSculpting will only feel muscle soreness if that.


To recap, EmSculpting is a non-invasive procedure that removes fat while also building muscle. EmSculpt is an FDA-approved energy device that makes your muscles go into overdrive with contractions. This allows the patient to get the above results of less fat and more muscle. The procedure is done over at least four sessions each lasting around half an hour.

Each procedure is usually about $4000 with that being on the high end, on the low end, it would be around $3000. The side effect associated with this procedure is that muscle soreness might be felt but this is relieved by the third stage. The procedure is also relatively comfortable and not painful nor does it cause actual discomfort. 

It is similar to CoolSculpting in the sense that it removes fat and is a non-invasive treatment for body sculpting. However, unlike CoolSculpting, it can also build muscle and doesn’t use temperature which can cause discomfort. EmSculpting is for those living a healthy lifestyle and will usually have longer-lasting effects since it’s not permanent.