Daniel Tosh Hair Transplant: the buzz behind tosh balding revealed

Daniel Tosh Hair Transplant

Updated on 15th December

Do you know how the American comedian, Daniel Tosh has gone through a hair transplant? 

For most of Daniel Tosh’s fans, the facts that he was actually balding during the onset of his comedy show “Tosh.0.” was and still is apparent,  and somewhat disturbing also.

However, his fans and viewers were (and most still are) surprised by how quickly he got his hair and looks back, making it just as rich and thick today as it was before the balding signs came crouching.

On his part, Daniel Tosh did not make a lot of remarks about his “situation” and this fueled debate about his hair even more. The Daniel Tosh hair transplant then became quite a big topic in the comedy scene and especially among fans.

Daniel Tosh Hair transplant secrets:

Nobody knows for sure, but the first apparent signs of Daniel Tosh’s balding were very noticeable during the first season of his comedy show Tosh.0.

During his first season, the signs of balding were especially well visible in his hair outline where most of the hair could be seen to be receding gradually.

This was also complemented by some random balding patches on his head’s surface. For most of his fans and viewers who got a glimpse of the show, this gave him quite a bad look admittedly and is probably what led to the rapid response on his part.

It is after this that the Daniel Tosh hair transplant came to play giving his hair the same old rich look and creating a buzz in the celebrity scene.


Daniel Tosh Balding

After his wrecking appearance during the onset of his comedy show, the look of his hair got better and better, making his head look fuller with time in his subsequent shows.

Just as the balding, this was also very noticeable. It, however, did not stir as much buzz during the beginning as it did when Tosh had the same old appearance on his head back.

As compared to his first season, his hair was now fuller and covered his head evenly. In fact, was it not for the fact that most people had seen him when his hair was failing, most people would not have believed it was a hair transplant. However, there is still a lot of buzz in the comedy world about what Daniel exactly did with his hair, and while some say it’s the common Hollywood tricks, others believe it was indeed a Daniel Tosh hair transplant.

However, Daniel Tosh, the man himself, gave several hints towards what he had done with his hair in his subsequent shows.

Just another joke

During one of his shows, after his hair was better and fuller, Daniel Tosh mentioned about his hair growing back zealously as a result of black market hair products and propecia.

This came as a baffle to most of his fans and viewers worldwide, but for others who know him for what he is, a comedian found it hard to believe. However, on his part, Daniel Tosh did not comment much about the hint, leaving most of the people to wonder whether it was indeed a true hint or not.

However, people looking to find out the truth behind Daniel Tosh hair transplant confirmed with surgeons who said that the results on his head matched those obtained using non-surgical procedures. There may hence be some truth behind it, but you never really know with this guy, especially when he said it on set.


Daniel Tosh hair transplant; years later

It has been quite some time since Tosh.0 first season, and consequently time since Daniel Tosh’s hair balding. Fortunately for him, his balding did not mature, and his approach was effective and amazingly fast.

Amazingly still, his hair even now has the same rich and full look it has always had even before the signs of aging first showed. This is what particularly makes most of his fans and viewers marvel and wonder just exactly what he did with his hair, as he seems to have no visible side-effects yet, and it’s been quite some time.

However, on his part, Daniel Tosh does have quite a lot of money to meet whatever procedures and access to the best doctors and facilities in Hollywood, most importantly, he has a reputation and appearance to uphold, and balding was not cutting it in his show Tosh.