5 Healthy diet tips to lose weight while working a desk job

5 Healthy diet tips to lose weight while working a desk job

Sitting 8 long hours a day in the office can ruin your weight loss goals and turn it into a big challenge.Every time eating the junk snacks provided at the meeting and also eating unhealthy (delicious) food for lunch activates the fat storing mode in your body.

For the past three years, I work from home, and I still sit at the desk for prolong time. Even though I make food for myself doesn’t mean I always cook healthy food to eat.

Here are the 5 healthy diet tips to lose weight while working a desk job.

1.Plan in Advance:

Planning plays a significant role in our weight loss journey.Always plan to prepare healthy snacks ahead of time. Making a healthy food before hunger strikes would be as easy as to have and eat one rather than fetching something to eat after your stomach cries for one. Always keep healthy snacks on your desk so that you can automatically train your mind to eat healthy foods most of the time.

2.Drink Ample of water:

All of us know about the benefits of drinking water.It brings lots of wonder to our body and keeps ourselves stay hydrated all the time. I always try to keep a water bottle on my side which makes me drink water frequently.For additional flavor, you can also add some slices of fresh fruits.

Sometimes our mind confuses the need for water as hunger.Whenever you feel hungry at times between meals, try drinking water frequently.

3.Exercise regularly:

Exercise plays a significant role in good health. All of us know the benefits of exercise, but we find it hard to do it regularly.I admit that leaving office late, shopping, and then do my clean up work the last thing I do is the workout. We don’t need hours of time daily to workout.

Exercising three times a week do wonders to our health and our posture.If you find it hard to set a specific time for an exercise, then you can do small changes in your day to day routine like going for a short walk.And also you can take stairs back up to office instead of elevators.

4.Eating mindfully:

We should bring the habit of eating mindfully.Always have the habit of chewing properly and then swallow the food.Enjoy each bit of a healthy food and remind yourself that you are doing good for your body.Also have a habit of chewing the gum because when you think you are tempted to grab more food it will reduce the desire to eat.

5.Brushing your teeth:

According to a recent survey brushing our teeth can drastically reduce the temptation to grab an additional snack/food. Besides, it also helps to reduce the bad breath and makes our gums and cavity stronger.

Whenever you think to grab a handful of candy from your store room, start to brush your teeth so that your body could associate that with going to bed, leaving you feeling less hungry.

Wrap up:

Hope the above tips are helpful and give you another avenue to kick start your weight loss goals to get the best out of it.

Do you have any other working tips to share with us, share in the comment below?