5 Awesome Ways to Cut Calories without Hitting the Gym

Some folks hit the gym on a regular basis. May be they’re passionate about weights and power,they want to look better, or they’re motivated from watching muscle-bound stars like Dwayne Johnson.

However if you hate the idea of hitting the gym, you’re not alone.

A lot of people prefer simple home exercises to the gym workouts. The best example: our grandparents! They never went to the gym, but their physical activities were far more than that of the present day gymmers.

If you wish to improve your health and fitness without paying exorbitant gym membership fees, here are some easy alternatives:

A quick note: The following data is based on the activities of a 35-year woman who is 5’5’ tall and weighs 150 pounds. Your results might vary based on your age, gender, and weight.

Tip #1: Clean your House

A cluttered house can be linked to a cluttered mind. When you have too many things scattered all over your home, your mind too gets scattered over in thoughts. In turn, that leads to stress and confusion.

People who have unclear minds are known to take the couch instead of doing any activity. What will you do when you sit on the couch for a long time? Eat junk food, right? Now, you see how an uncluttered home is linked to unclear thoughts and unhealthy food habits.

Cleaning is an easy activity which not only keeps your living atmosphere good but also helps you to burn up to 153 calories in 30 minutes. Play some fast music and start cleaning. You will twist, turn, bend, mop, carry weights, walk up and down your house and at the end of it, you’ll have burnt a good number of calories.

Simple activities like these can go a long way in improving our health and fitness levels.

Tip #2: Use the Stairs

For some folks, running up and down the stairs is punishment. For others, it’s an easy way to burn some extra fat while strengthening their leg muscles and joints. You’ll be surprised to know that running up and down the stairs will help you to burn as much as 422 calories in 30 minutes.

You can take the stairs in your office, apartment, local stadium and pretty much wherever you see them. Lack of exercise to the knees and joints causes pain and discomfort as you get older. A bit of staircase walking few minutes every day will help ensure that your joints are strong enough to survive pain and injury until your 70s.

Tip #3: Bike to Work

Bike commuting is one of the most enjoyable alternatives to gym workouts and running. With the increased awareness on fitness and urge to cut down pollution, it makes sense to bike to work and help yourself and the environment.

Biking is a natural physical activity that helps you to burn calories at ease and also cut down your transportation expenses to almost nothing. As a biker, you will also have the advantage of

maneuvering through gaps during peak traffic and reach office a lot faster.

And the best part, biking is a major calorie burner! You’ll be able to burn 296 calories for every 30 minutes you spend biking. Awesome, right? If you wish to make your ride even more joyful, try wearing breathable fabric clothing so that you have more time to chill off and put on your formal in the office change room.

Cycling may not be the best option for people living 30 miles away from their workplace but if you are residing closer to your office, please do commute via your cycle. You could be an inspiration to your neighbors and friends too!

Tip #4: Sleep well

Whether it’s the latest movie flick or the football match highlights that kept you awake until the hours, your body weight will be largely influenced by the lack of sleep. Medical experts believe that insufficient sleep or irregular sleeping pattern leads to stress and obesity in people. Delayed sleep leads to the increased production of cortisol, which in turn makes you feel hungry and eat more junk food in the night. In turn, you gain unwanted fat and carbs which convert to extra calories.

On the other hand, proper sleep itself is a natural remedy for a lot of physical and mental problems. Stress, anxiety, obesity, and body pain can be controlled to a great extent by getting a good night’s sleep on a schedule. Try sleeping at least eight hours in the night and you’ll feel fresh and energetic and in a good peace of mind the next day.

Tip #5: Watch what you eat

Diet is the best option to lose weight without hitting the gym. No matter how much unhealthy fat you’ve accumulated over the years, following a strict vegan diet can help you reduce your body weight to half in six months to one year. In fact, gymmers of all levels (from people who train to lose weight to people who work out to develop muscles) are more dependent on diet than their gym workouts. According to medical experts, 3/4 th of what you eat and 1/4 th of what you do (i.e. your physical activities) determines how much weight you lose. The effect of a 60-minute workout can be easily ruined by an hour of snacking (on junk food like burger, pizza, and coke). So, consult a dietician and get a personal diet chart to help yourself lose weight the healthy way without any exercise.


These are some easy ways to keep yourself in great shape without giving your time and money to the gym. Follow these simple tips for at least 30 days and share your experience in the comments. Cheers!