David Beckham hair transplant rumors

David Beckham hair transplant rumors

An important topic of discussion on many football boards is “Did David Beckham undergo Hair Transplant surgery?” This controversy over David Beckham hair transplant has infected the internet for several years. Initially, people imitated Beckham by mimicking his ever-changing looks and hairstyles. However, eventually people started talking about his hair and started believing rumors of hair transplant. They believed that David has undergone hair transplant surgery to get his famous locks. People uploaded several images on social networking sites to prove that David Beckham hair transplant rumors were true. However, no definite answer to this question could be found.

Reasons why David’s Hair Look Thin

We analyzed most images on social networking sites and found that there is no truth behind David Beckham hair transplant rumors. Like most other celebrity cosmetic surgery rumors, even this rumor can be explained with the help of facts. These facts will debunk hair transplant rumors easily. If you analyze the images, you will find that Beckham’s hair looks extremely thin in the pictures. Some of the reasons why his hair looks thin in the images are:


Most people interested in photography must be aware of the fact that excess lighting is the enemy of people who want to maintain a full-looking head of hair. When images are clicked in natural light, it will make the hair look thinner. If you check the images, you will find that lighting is making Beckham’s hair appear sparser and thinner than it actually is.

Characteristics of David Beckham’s Hair

If you analyze the characteristics of Beckham’s hair, you will find that even though he has a lot of hair, his hair is straight and fine. The thin diameter of his hair will never make his hair look dense and coarse.

Length of Hair

The length of Beckham’s hair in most pictures appears to be longer in the front than it is in the back. The fact that Beckham’s hair is so short in the mid and the back region, makes the hair appear thinner since all hairs are standing up.If you combine these factors and check the images of Beckham on the internet, you will agree with what we are saying. Also, we have several other reasons to believe that the rumors about David Beckham hair transplant are not true. Another reason why we believe that hair transplant rumors are not true is because of certain drawbacks of hair transplant surgeries. Right now, there are two methods used by surgeons to transplant hair.

Follicular Unit Transplant

This method requires the removal of bald-resistant hair strip from the back of the head. The strip is placed under a microscope and individual follicular units are cut up and removed from the strip. These follicular units are then transplanted to the bald regions of the scalp.

Follicular Unit Extraction

Surgeons use this method to remove the follicular units from the bald-resistant regions of the scalp. The follicular units are removed using tiny specialized machines. The follicular units removed by the surgeon are placed on the bald regions of the scalp.

Why Surgical Procedures are not used

When these procedures are performed by well-known surgeons, they can produce nearly undetectable results. However, no matter who the surgeon is and how well the surgery goes, there are always some scars or dimpling that will be left behind.

Follicular unit transplant leaves a pencil thin scar on the back of the head. The scar can extend up to the ear, if several grafts are needed during the surgery. If you assume that hair thinning is due to hair loss and he requires hair transplant, this would mean that he requires several grafts for the surgery to be successful. Since most surgeons prefer using Follicular unit transplant over Follicular unit extraction when many grafts are required, it will leave a big scar on his head. If David Beckham hair transplant surgery is done using Follicular unit transplant, the scar would extend from the back of the head to the region above the ear. If you check David Beckham’s images on the internet, you will find that there is no scar on his head. The hair on the sides is short enough for the scars to be visible. Even if the scar is very thin and is hidden, it is not difficult for paparazzi to spot these scars.

Follicular unit extraction does not leave a scar, but can leave dimpling in the back of the head, especially when many grafts are removed. If David Beckham hair transplant surgery is done using Follicular unit extraction, it will leave some dimpling which is not visible in the pictures.

These evidences plus the fact that David does wear his hair short, shows that David Beckham hair transplant rumors cannot be believed. However, these evidences don’t prove that be does not use any medication to make his hair look thick, but hair transplant for David Beckham is hard to believe.

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