Weird Feeling When Trying To Fall Asleep

Weird Feeling When Trying To Fall Asleep

Have you ever experienced a weird sensation when you try to sleep? If you have, you might be a victim of anxiety. Naturally, when the body is going through an anxiety condition, it would be difficult for you to be relaxed and fall asleep. Anxiety affects the thinking of the brain, meaning that your mind will not relax at this point. As a result, you could experience a weird feeling when trying to fall asleep.

What Are the Common Weird Feelings You’d Experience?

In general, you will experience anxiety, but the sensations would range from one person to another. First off, you should know why you always have that weird feeling just as soon as you try to catch some sleep. The thing is, your body and mind will be at a less-active state, which somehow forces the brain to recap the worries of the day. To make matters worse, you could be alone in the dark, which allows the mind to dig deeper into the worries.

That said, here are some of the common sensations or signs of anxiety when you try to fall asleep:

• Panic attacks.

You could experience some panic attacks in the event. In this case, your heart rate will increase, which then leads to rapid breathing, excessive sweating, and also chest pain. In most cases, you would confuse these sensations for the regular heart attack.

• Twitching.

This is another common weird feeling that some people experience when they try to fall asleep. In this case, you could experience muscle twitching all around the body. According to health specialists, your body will perceive that you are about to die, which then shocks you to keep you awake.

• Sinking/Floating Sensation.

Other people report that they feel like they are sinking, flying or floating. Some feel like they are in a deep hole surrounded by darkness, others feel like they are flying or floating in the air.

All in all, you will be restless, and it would be difficult to catch some sleep. Some people complain of waking up with migraines when they had a night full of anxiety. This could be brought about by nightmares or lack of enough sleep.

How Do You Deal With Such a Condition?

Typically, there might not be a specific medication to treat this condition. What you need to do is apply some strategies and change your lifestyle in general. Follow these tips to help you solve your anxiety when you try to sleep.

• Keep your brain busy.

You can try watching a good movie, read a book, or play some mind games before you go to bed. This helps the brain to somehow forget about the worries. After that, you will be exhausted, and it would be easier to catch some sleep.

• Just relax.

Mostly, people who suffer from anxiety tend to think a lot about their situation and the negativities. A solution to this is to relax your mind and body and allow it to switch to the sleeping mode naturally.

• Throw in some white noise.

Playing a soft and calming music can help to keep you relaxed and sleep easily. This will also distract your mind from the anxious thoughts.

• Eat healthily.

Proper dieting helps in promoting the sleeping habits. You will have a better and more relaxed sleep when you eat healthy meals. Avoid beverages and alcohol right before going to bed. This will keep you awake for a long time.

In Conclusion

Basically, stay healthy, engage in some exercises, and live a positive lifestyle. Don’t dwell too much on the worries and negativities. This helps to keep you relaxed and grant you a good night sleep.

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