Top 2019 Wellness Trends From Which You can Benefit

Top 2019 Wellness Trends From Which You can Benefit

Every year we witness a new trend, because the world changes rapidly and therefore everything is a subject of the rapid change. Like never before people are more open about health issues, different health supplements like CBD oil and similar products.

But this year one thing is for sure, everybody is talking about anxiety that social media is giving to us. Do we have an antidote?

People are turning more and more to the traditional Eastern medicines, Ayurveda health lifestyle, in short words we are reaching for the new trends in our civilization’s past. Moreover, more than ever we are mixing old and new.

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Like we are fed with this constant technological evolution, we are reaching for more ancient practices, hence they are becoming mainstream consciousness. Simple living is definitely the biggest 2019 trend. We are pretty much sure that this year, like every other, will be a unique wellness journey.

Power nap

In the US we have one very popular health trend, it is called “power nap”. You get about 30-minute immersive “power nap” that provides two to three hours of restorative sleep. Many founders of the power nap salons promise shut-eye and stress reduction by way of technology. These methods can help with our sleep quality and to de-stress our lives. Most people think recovery is only physical. However, there is a enormous mental and cognitive factor as well.

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Plant-based fish mainstream

You have met the meat veggie burger, but have you met plant-based tuna and plant based burgers, plant based sliders and plant based crab cakes, all of these are new protein-rich, nutrient-dense starters filled with valuable omegas.

These new plant-based fish dietary habits are knocking on our doors in 2019. Many famous TV cooking chefs and different chef influencers are already serving delicious plant based fish food, which is rich in an essential omega 3 acids.

Hormonal balance

Do you know that our day-to-day cycle has everything to do with two important hormones: cortisol and melatonin? In 2019 we will learn just how important the daily oscillations in these two hormones are and the daily rhythm overall.

In the morning when we wake up the hormone cortisol is supposed to peak helping wake us up and make us feel prepared and ready to challenge the day. As the sun goes down melatonin is rising to warn us to wind down at the end of the day.

When it happens that these hormones are out of whack, we get tired and we stay sleepless. All of this can lead to weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure, and many other diseases

Going to sleep earlier can have much positive effect on our health and behavior.  If one is suffering from insomnia, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and ADHD it can improve significantly with earlier bedtime.  This year we need to listen our bodies more carefully and respect it.

The ancient health methods

In 2019 we are looking up to our ancestors. An ancient remedial system of Ayurveda, and the 5,000-year-old holistic well-being system, Sanskrit “knowledge of life,” has brought many health trends.

Hollywood has been one of the reasons for making Ayurveda the mainstream, with a number of celebs consequently sharing on social media. More and more people are turning to alternatives and different certified health supplements, for example, taking elderberry for flu is a thousand-year tradition.  

Facing your finances

Daily worrying about our finances won’t bring us any good. Our financial situation may take a toll on our health wellness. There are many psychological studies proving the effects of worrying about our negative bank account balances. All of this can lead to greater psychological distress and lower our psychological health.

Therefore, it is up to us to find the way to alleviate our “financial pain” and to find the best modus operandi when it comes to it.

Taking care of our planet, our only truly home

Global warming has been the topic for many years, and it is a crucial time for our environment, and we must support initiatives that don’t just do less bad, but more good. This is where the regenerative movement comes in.

In short, when farmers grow using regenerative techniques, they return nutrients to soil that can help it absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It’s a shift our farmland desperately needs right now.

Many eco conscious corporations are using their social media platforms to preach the importance of the climate-friendly practice.

We need to renew our way toward a healthier future for all; therefore we need to take care our mother earth.

CBD oil

You probably have noticed that hemp oil is majorly trending in the wellness world. Thus, it is trending worldwide.

So far hemp oil has proved anti-inflammatory, has anti pain and anti-anxiety properties (just to name a few), but the science of the endocannabinoid system can tell us even more.