Tom Brady Hair Transplant


For many men, and women, hair loss is a troubling component of aging. Our hair is a source of confidence and pride, and it is something that we tend to want to protect and maintain as much as possible. Sometimes, however, this is not achievable without the aid of some sort of hair growth product or a surgical procedure, as genetics and time team up to do with your hair what it wants, regardless of how much it distresses you. Deciding to undertake a hair transplant can be an uncomfortable decision, as many men tend to feel embarrassed about taking such a course of action. Their story ends up like that of Tom Brady’s hair transplant – reduced to speculation. Such shyness is not necessary, though, as the process is a straightforward procedure that corrects something millions of men deal with all the time. The example that Tom Brady’s hair transplant makes should be a positive, not a negative.

The How:

Perhaps you’re concerned about the naturalness of a hair transplant, or how noticeable it may be to others. Considering today’s technology in this area, such concerns are really quite unnecessary. Hair transplants use your own hair, so you won’t have to worry about an artificial look and/or feel, nor will you have to worry about any adverse reactions your skin may have to the presence of something foreign. The procedure is referred to as a transplant because the hair used is brought from another part of your scalp, from hair that is resistant to balding, and then this hair is precisely removed and repositioned in the balding area. The resulting look is natural and virtually undetectable – good news for Tom Brady’s hair transplant concerns.

Real Life Examples:

Whether open or more secretive about their hair transplant procedures, men all over the world have been turning to this option to fight thinning and baldness. Many celebrities and athletes have openly admitted to having undergone a hair transplant operation. Wayne Rooney (English footballer), A.J. McLean (The Backstreet Boys), Kyran Bracken (rugby player), Joey Fatone (NSYNC), and John Cleese (comedian), have all opened up about their hair transplants, commenting on what a great decision it was and how they need not hide it. Former New England Patriots player, Wes Welker, has also been open about his hair transplant, although he declined to comment on speculation regarding former teammate Tom Brady’s hair transplant.


A lot of planning goes into a hair transplant procedure, so you can be assured that every possible angle of your case will be thoroughly scrutinized before any operation is commenced. The area to receive the transplant is thoroughly assessed, along with the donor areas of the scalp. Certain requirements will need to be met before an operation, such as ceasing to take certain medications that could interfere with the procedure. The surgical procedure itself is only mildly invasive, with the use of local anesthesia really the only necessary pain numbing agent, although mild sedation is an option. One would assume that with the sort of profession he’s in, the idea of possible pain wouldn’t get in the way of Tom Brady’s hair transplant.

Surgical Procedures:

Two options are available for doctors to choose from in the hair transplanting process. One is known as strip harvesting, where a strip of skin from the donor site is removed and hair is taken from said strip, assessed, and then transplanted to the new site. This is the most common practice in hair transplant procedures, but another option is to utilize follicular unit extraction, also known as FUE harvesting. This technique involves the removal of small clusters of hair units, and while it usually takes longer, the results are natural looking and come with the added benefit of removing less skin area, thus providing a less invasive operation. With this in mind, one might speculate that it will be the route taken for Tom Brady’s hair transplant.

What to Expect After Surgery:

Post-op care is very straightforward. All of the directions your doctor will provide you with are designed to ensure the highest percentage of success from the procedure. Shampooing is very important as it prevents scabs from forming and killing off the hair. The transplanted hair usually falls out, due to the shock of being moving, but after a couple of months it grows back and provides you with natural looks. Perhaps this little fact might be proving a stumbling block for Tom Brady’s hair transplant.