Muscle And Power: Top 5 Strength Training Tips For Teens

Muscle And Power: Top 5 Strength Training Tips For Teens

It is important to have the habit of staying fit from a very young age. Many teenagers are not involved in athletics or sports activities which take a grave toll on their health. Strength training is the perfect solution to curb this problem. The only prerequisites needed for strength training are willpower and patience.

Teenagers and parents have been skeptical about strength training. But, it is entirely safe if you follow the right instructions. Rather than believing in the myths, you should read and find out for yourself what the truth is. Strength training will get you the in the perfect shape that you have always wanted and will lead you to a healthy and fit life as well.

Here, we have made a list of 5 strength training tips for teens:

#1 – Warm Up And Cool Down

It is crucial to warm up before strength training. Doing this will help in being ready for workout mentally and physically. Walking briskly is a good way to warm up. After doing the training, cool down by doing the necessary stretching exercises.

#2 – Exercise Selection

As a teen, you should devise a strategy and play according to your strengths. Doing countless curls and bench presses are not an option for you. A teens’ body is hardwired for growth, and you should plan accordingly. Teens should do bodyweight exercises such as push-up, pull-up and step-up. This will provide a total balance if you are doing weight lifting exercises such as bench press, squat, overhead press and bent row. When it comes to a split, it is recommended that teens follow a basic three-day split.

The workout regime will be split into the upper body (push day) which will comprise of exercises for chest, triceps and shoulders, a leg day which will focus on quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calves, an upper body (pull day) that will have exercises for back and biceps. Abs can be worked along with the first and third workouts by giving adequate rest.

Exercise Selection

#3 – Focus On Form, Not On Weight

While exercising, just make sure that your body is aligned properly. This will help you perform each exercise smoothly. A poor form can result in slow gains and may result in injuries as well. For teens, to learn strength training exercises it is better that they start with no or very little weight. This will help them get their form corrected. Breathing is also an important part of the workouts. While working against resistance, exhale. Inhale as you release.

Focus On Form, Not On Weight

#4 – Patience And Expectations

Having an expectation about the results of a workout is normal. But, understand that you can’t rush progress. Many teens try to maximize the gains by adding more weight and increasing the number of days they work out. But, they should realize that it is a wrong approach to take. This could result in serious repercussions on their body.

Another thing to notice that most teens, especially in their high school years, are not able to train without interruption. You should always find time to train if you want regular and progressive improvement.
Building the body the way you want it can easily take 3 to 5 years. So don’t stress on the results too much. Learn to enjoy the workout sessions. It is also important to stick to the routine. Omitting exercises will decrease the quality of the training you are going through.

Patience And Expectations

#5 – Adequate Rest

Resting between each set is very crucial. If you don’t rest, it can hinder your progress. Resting for 2 minutes is considered ideal. But, muscles like calves and abs recover faster. So a minute or less of rest is enough

When it comes to sessions, always give yourself 48 hours. Strength training can cause tiny tears in your muscles. Your muscles grow as it recovers from the damage. So give adequate rest.


It is important that you follow these tips for a safe and effective strength training. Always read about the exercises you are planning to do and try to read more about it. You should also give ample attention to your diet as well. Remember, your diet fuels your workout. It is important to challenge your muscles by increasing the weight or resistance. A general tip is that, if you find the weight too heavy, try the last two reps with a lighter weight. I would like to remind you that form is the most important thing when it comes to strength training and measures like these will help to maintain your form.

Don’t restrict yourself to these tips. Always be a student and be updated with all the information regarding fitness and strength training. Wish you all the best for your mission to gain fitness through strength training. Go ahead and start sweating!