John Travolta Hair Transplant


John Travolta has successfully over the years maintained his glory days through a respectable hairline. It is no longer a secret that John Travolta has a bald, thanks to hair transplant technology, he has maintained the days when he was an authority even in his prime age. Initially, it was hard to realize that the star actually has a gradually maturing bald, when he realized he is actually suffering from baldness, he has transformed his hair doing a lot of stuff ranging from wearing a wig until he settled for a John Travolta hair transplant. For years John Travolta has been regarded to have the least convincing hairline in the entire Hollywood. He seems to get full satisfaction from hair transplants, which he says are natural and gives him a stable image from his youthful days.

John Travolta Worst Kept Secret

John Travolta has now given up the fact that he has been hiding from his worst fear; giving a little helping hand to his hair loss. The Hollywood star has successfully for years been wearing a weave, his best-kept secret. On January 14, John Travolta was spotted wearing an enviable mop of hair when he the opening of New York Breitling Flagship watch store. A few days later, on January 22, he was spotted having dinner with his wife Kelly Preston at Mr. Chow with full hair yet shortcut. Three days later, Travolta has spotted at the USA G’Day gala with his hair firmly in place again. John seems to have grown hair in a matter of only a few days, John Travolta hair transplant.

John Travolta Hair Transplant

A Plain Shave, 2008 film, From Paris with Love

In the 2008 film, From Paris with Love, John Travolta shaved bald. A few days later, he was wearing full long hair again just after a few days. Remember him quoting in the movie “I like it a lot; I really love it because it is a natural bald, and it gives me the freedom to be bald.” John Travolta seemed to be enjoying this trend, changing from strongly receding to straight and full on any one given day. Just like other celebrities, John Travolta changed his hairstyle supported by the right hair transplant systems, wigs and products. As a celebrity, you need to change your hairstyle as demanded by the different casts, roles, and sessions like the John Travolta hair transplant.

John Travolta Using Wigs, Hairpieces

John Travolta has never confirmed using a weave anywhere, in the movies or to the media. If he were wearing a wig, it would be easily spotted. There are a number of celebrities who have come clean about this trend to turn the clock back. Just like other men, going bald has been a major concern for John Travolta, and he has ventured into several techniques to hide his fear until he settled from a John Travolta hair transplant, which seems to work naturally for him. When you are a celebrity, unfortunately, people tend to take the slightest opportunity they get to pick faults. People always ask questions. When John turned for interviews wearing suspiciously floppy and dense frontal hairline, people can easily note the weaves used to hold the hair system upright. The celebrities use the hair systems to disguise their hair loss problems. John Travolta hair transplant is specifically to help the star stay on top of his game.

Travolta Bad Hair Days

John Travolta has on many occasions caught with his hair system and without them in just one single day. Having admitted that he actually wears a John Travolta hair transplant, it looks like he has had a very difficult time deciding whether to reveal to people or not. The 57-year-old star is spotted bald after laying tennis with his old friends, and then a few moments later, he is seen wearing thick full head of hair with a beaming smile.

John Travolta is in his prime age, while he has to balance his role as a superstar and a natural person with a life, he wears is a John Travolta hair transplant. This way he has a win situation, accepting that he is actually aging and while at the same time appealing to his fan base. Hair plant technology is safe to wear, natural and gives you that stable image you need to maintain even down to your old age.