Drug Testing Products for Home Use

Drug Testing Products for Home Use

Drug Testing Products for Home Use

Employers, most concerned about opiate abuse, often test their employees to minimize any potential risk they may present. Then, parents may suspect that their child uses illegal substances and wants to check that with full discretion. For the stated reasons, but also for many others, a wide range of products for home use has been developed, for “self-testing” or for testing others on the drug.

Home Drug Test Kits

Whether you want to check yourself or test someone closed to you, there are a large number of home test kits on the market. These can be of great help when you need to find out the results quickly, and to think about the next step. Home urine tests are divided usually based on the number of tested substances and whether additional laboratory testing is required after getting results or not.
Home use drug tests can be helpful when there’s a suspicion about the use of “light” drugs such as marijuana or ecstasy. For those “more serious,” it is best to do hair or blood drug test. Since you cannot safely give a blood sample at home conditions, these tests are based on samples of saliva or urine.

Urine Drug Tests

When you analyze the urine sample in home conditions, the test usually contains strips for every drug tested. Various other kits can be found on the market, from single testers to multipanel, which analyze multiple substances. If you want to check for how long drug substances stay in the body, read this article.
Most often, their price depends on the number of testers, although these are all affordable. If you purchase them online, they are even cheaper, but generally, do not include lab confirmation. Most of them are approved by the FDA, and their use is safe and, in most cases, very accurate.

Mouth Swab Tests

As far as the saliva drug test at home is concerned, these are also non-invasive and affordable. Since they are very easy to work with and provide fast results, they are “threatening” to discredit the popularity of urine analyzes. All tests are for single use so there’s no chance to fake the result. The sample is taken easily – just lick the tester or the top coated with the wool soak with the spit, and wait.

Hair Drug Tests

The hair test is a bit more expensive item than the previous two, but it gives the most accurate results. The samples are checked by the laboratory (depending on the manufacturer). This test can even determine if someone is a “recreational” or a persistent opiate user. You just have to ensure hair samples, one for each substance you want to test and prepare it for sending it to the laboratory where the analysis will take place.

Products for Body Detox

Cleansing the organism requires time, which depends on many factors; one of the main is the length of use of unauthorized substances. Excellent products that don’t promise miraculous results can be found on the market, but they can serve as the first aid when it is necessary to remove toxins from the body quickly and efficiently. For example, when your employer asks for a drug test in the next 7 days, and you were at a hell of a party this weekend and had a really, really good time (if you know what we mean).
Online stores like Clear Drug Tests, as its name suggests, offer various types of detox, and everything depends on which period you will use them. Substances such as THC cause controversial thoughts, especially in countries which legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes. To avoid the torture, clean your organism before testing.
Detox products contain natural substances, which we all use for detox, such as antioxidants, aloe, vitamin B, salicylic acid, etc. These substances are concentrated in the form of a pill or powder that dissolves in water. Some drug test kits can contain detox beverage or dietary fibers with the same purpose.

“Special” Hair Product Line

In any body hair, toxins will retain for a long time, so you have to be very persistent in their removal. Detox shampoos are a real hit because they do the job, but nurture and protect your hair too. The only thing that can be a problem, especially if you don’t have a lot of time, is that you have to use this product several times a day.
Unlike ordinary shampoos, it is desirable to let this preparation sit for a while so it can work on deeper layers of the follicles. The effect lasts several hours after rinsing; repeat the procedure until the test. This way, you’ll be sure that you will pass it.

The recommendation is to buy these substances on trusted stores and web pages, to avoid any kind of fraud. Purchasing over the Internet is not always safe, so be careful choosing webshops and be sure to look for information about the product and the manufacturer.