Does kratomn really improve your sex life: an overview

Be it, women or men, every single human being has some necessary needs that need to be fulfilled, not only for the basic survival but also for holding onto the semblance of the sanity. And, amongst these needs, one is the sexual need. Physical cravings and the desires that arise when you are in a high state are something that you need to take care of.

However, often you might find yourself in depressing situations, courtesy to your decreased sexual libidos, urges, physical cravings, and so on. Even if you are single, you find that a Greek God standing right across you isn’t causing goosebumps on your skin or your heartbeat skyrocketing.

And when it’s about the couples, any kind of sexual problem are bound to hamper the progress of the relationship shared between two individuals. And sometimes, these kinds of unsatisfied desires escalate into extramarital affairs, deceive, and so on. Under such perilous situations, you need quick remedies or at least ways that will make it work for both of you.

Kratom, being a tropical herb, is worth a try- the reason being the twenty-five different alkaloids concentrated in the leaves and other compounds that promote the normal homeostasis in the human body.

Where can you find Kratom?

After learning about this wonderful remedy, you would think where you can get Kratom. Obviously, is one of the most trusted sites where you can get multiple strains of the herb and that too in the original condition.

However, coming to the origin, the herb is native to the Southeastern countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Bali, and so on. It is in these countries that the plant grows naturally in the form of wild bushes. Also, the plant is cultivated according to their species. It is the leaf that has proven to be extremely beneficial for humankind. After all, for a long time, humans have been using the extract to relax and to treat multiple ailments.

What is there in Kratom leaves?

As you know whatever is there in Kratom is actually concentrated in the leaves, let’s learn what is the major constituent of the herbal leaves.

  1. First, the two major organic chemical compounds that are the backbone of the Kratom herb are 7-hydroxy mitragynine and Hydroxymitragynine.
  2. Apart from these two, there are twenty-five more alkaloids whose percentage composition varies with the Kratom strain that you are choosing.

Is it safe to take the herb for a long time?

Now, the FDA hasn’t really approved of Kratom being a hundred percent safe for human consumption. In fact, their approval doesn’t even count close to about fifty percent. But yes, informally, with the knowledge gained from the surveys, it is clear that Kratom indeed is an angel in disguise.

However, when you are consuming the herb, you need to ensure that you are taking only the recommended dosage and that also for the prescribed time limit. Even a sliver of increment in the amount you are consuming can produce harmful and deadly effects on your body.

Is Kratom really beneficial for sexually inactive people?

After all the necessary discussions, it’s time to discuss whether Kratom is a safe drug for people who are suffering from sexual problems, be it the lack of urge or decreased libido. So yes, when taken in the preferred dosage and choosing the correct strain will help you to overcome your sex-related problems.

However, before that, you must understand what are the major types of sex-related problems a person can face in his or her life.

  1. Premature ejaculation in men
  2. Decreased sex libido in both males and females
  3. Delay in orgasms in females
  4. Decreased sexual urges in both the genders
  5. Lack of interest in sexual activities

How does the herb help in treating sex-related problems and anxiety?

Even though in the above section we have mentioned some of the most common sexual problems people face in life, there are a lot more that people fail to recognize or realize. So for all of those people, here we are describing why Kratom is very much essential for enhancing your sexual life with your partner.

Kratom acts as a stimulator

The first reason why Kratom has been considered as a best friend for those who are suffering from sexual problems is that it has stimulating properties. Alkaloids present in the herb help in nerve stimulation, thus allowing you to feel charged up and energetic. It also solves problems like relaxed vaginal muscles, premature ejaculation, and so on.

It helps in relaxing and letting go of anxiety

Often you feel cast out when you see that you are not the same as before. In fact, many psychological depressions and anxieties lead to a decreased state of sexual urges. It is where the Kratom has proven to be extremely helpful as it allows one to relax psychologically and let go of every tension and nervousness.

Kratom enhances concentration power

Sometimes, lack of concentration and focus might become trouble for those who are trying to last longer during any sexual activity. Kratom highly increases this concentration power and allows one to actively participate in any kind of sex-related activity.


Now, with this being established that Kratom is a friend in despair for those who are trying to bring back that lost spark in their sexual life, it is time to buy the most appropriate strain.