7 Fitness Foods to Help You Get in Shape Faster

Do you want to shed the excess fat and develop muscles? Do you want to be physically active and be in good shape? Are you not satisfied with your diet? Well, here is the answer.

Most athletes and bodybuilders choose fitness foods which boost immunity, aid speedy recovery and are rich in nutrients and energy. If you too want to get the best results, take a look at the 7 fitness foods that will help you get in shape faster:

#1- Beet Juice

Do you know that the ruby root veggie enhances your stamina? It has got capabilities to boost your energy more than caffeine and other supplements available in the market.

Drinking beet juice daily can improve your aerobic endurance by a massive 24 percentage. After hitting the gym, beet juice will be the ideal way to replenish your energy as it battles fatigue,shortness of breath and also keeps the blood pressure in check.

#2 – Salmon

Omega 3 is a fatty acid that will keep your heart healthy and also prevents memory loss. Salmon is one of the richest sources of omega 3. You should always pick a meal rich in protein post-exercise as protein helps in rebuilding and repairing muscles. Salmon, being rich in protein is ideal for muscle building. Fitness food will help you burn more calories than you take and that is exactly what salmon does.

#3 – Oats

Many fear to take oats as it is rich in carbohydrates. But, oats is one of the best vegan choices to get you in the shape you want to be. Oats for breakfast will spike up your energy levels. It is also rich in Zinc which helps in fighting stress and boosting immunity.

Oatmeal helps in promoting weight loss and combating heart disease as well. It is rich in soluble fiber that reduces cholesterol levels ad increases digestion.

#4 – Blueberries

Blueberries are proven to possess high levels of antioxidants that can fight free radicals, thus preventing many diseases and premature aging. Blueberries are also low in calorie when compared to other fruits.

Apart from this, Blueberries also have anti-inflammatory and recovery effects. Studies have shown that it can reduce waist line and fight against inflammation in the heart, muscle, and blood. It also has properties for boosting Natural Killer cells which have a high impact on our immunity.

#5 – Sweet Potatoes

A healthier choice than regular potatoes, sweet potatoes which are loaded with electrolyte potassium a helps in preventing muscle cramps during workouts and prevents cellular damage. Athletes can include sweet potatoes in their carb-loading diets as well. Sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin C, fiber, iron and beta-carotene which fights diseases.

It is versatile as they can be added to many dishes. Baked, boiled or mashed, sweet potatoes can only do good in your course to achieving a fit body.

#6 – Leafy Vegetables

An army of vitamins and minerals are present in broccoli, kale, spinach, cabbage and other leafy vegetables. They also have fiber which promotes digestion and antioxidants which bust free radicals.
They are also rich in folate which is considered to be good for the heart.

Vegetables like broccoli and kale are the jackpot for lactose intolerant people as these veggies are rich in calcium which helps in strengthening the bones and teeth.

If you want more protein in your body, then add spinach to your diet. It’s a good source of Iron and Vitamin B also people should consider adding leafy vegetables to their diet for their plentiful benefits.

#7 – Bananas

Bananas are compact, easy to chew and are packed with essential nutrients. These characteristics also make it the perfect fitness food. Bananas have a higher energy content when compared to other fruits. This makes it ideal for consumption before, during or after your routine workout. They are packed with potassium which helps in preventing muscle cramps. Banana also contain serotonin which boosts your mood and lutein which protects your eyes.

Eating bananas will also assist in fighting anemia as it is rich in iron. The presence of pectin aids digestion as well. Eating bananas between meals will help to avoid binging and controls blood sugar levels as well.

Eating the right food will help you to get in the right mood. These fitness foods just don’t help you get into good shape faster. They can also supply enough nutrients into your body, boost your immunity and have other various miraculous properties. So, add these fitness foods to your diet and get into shape faster than you thought you could.