Today, one out of four Americans live with low back pains. Studies show that back pains have different causes. Sometimes you may not know the cause of your frequent back pains. Maybe you have been lifting heavy loads or standing for long hours without rest. Arthritis and other related degenerative conditions may sometimes lead to frequent back pain. Truth be told, almost every human being can experience back pains at some point as long as they live. When things are clearly getting serious, it is recommended that you consult your doctor for further medical care. However, for the usual low back pain, I have a compiled a list of simple but effective tips to help you deal with this routine low back pain. Let’s see.
How to Manage Low Back Pain

Mind Your Sleeping Position

1.Mind Your Sleeping Position:

Mostly, the position you sleep on may be the cause of the back pain you are experiencing. Your spine needs a perfect alignment when you sleep. Some sleeping positions are quite harming ful to your spine. For instance, sleeping on your stomach with no appropriate spine alignment measures may place your spine in an unstable condition thus leading to frequent back pains.
It is recommended that you consider better sleeping positions. Side sleeping or back sleeping may work well for your spine.

Consider Body Exercise

2.Consider Body Exercise:

Your body needs some exercise for general fitness. Regular body exercise will keep your spine in a good condition. You may consider swimming, jogging, sit-ups and even a walk are healthy for your spine Mark u, these exercises should not be exceeded. Make it just enough for you and your back

3.Watch Your Weight:

Sometimes the bigger percentage complaining of back pains are the overweight people. Its time you should know that the spine supports the rest of your body parts. In this case, overweight will overwork your spine leading to frequent back pains. Nonetheless, this can be controlled. It’s recommended that if you realize you are growing overweight, consider changing diet and doing regular body exercise. This will help control your body weight.

4.Quit the Habit:

I know you wonder what habit am talking about here. I will tell you what am talking about here. Research shows that a bigger percentage of smokers end-up complaining of low back pains. Smoking does not only put you at the risk for Spine Osteoporosis but also causes serious bone problems. Usually, Osteoporosis can lead to compression fractures of your spine. With comparison to non-smokers, smokers are more likely to suffer low back pains. You should always know that your health is under your responsibility. It is high time you kick the smoking habit out of your life for the sake of your health

5.Consider Regular Body Stretch:

I understand that working is part of life and every adult is bound to working for his/her living. But again working for long hours without a break to stretch may place a lot of pressure on your spine especially when you work while seated. Stop sitting slumped on your office desk or chair all day. At least consider getting up every 30 minutes to stretch or do some yoga. This will surely work out well for your low back pain.

6.Avoid Wearing High Heels:

This directly affects our female victims for low back pains. I know sometimes this may be hard for you to abide by but for the sake of your health, I suggest you have to consider it. High heels usually create an unstable posture and this increases pressure on the lower spine leading to low back pains. I think it’s time you go for flat or low heels. At least these will keep your spine stable and relieve the pains.

7. Consider Trying Over the Counter Painkillers:

Now, this should be done with a lot of care. Anti-inflammatory pills like naproxen and aspirin might be a good option.
Pro note: Always be sure to consult your doctor to inform you about the interactions the anti-inflammatory drugs may have with any other medication you are taking


In summary, the above tips are quite effective if considered appropriate. Do not ignore any of them. They are all equally important as far as your low back pain is concerned. The above tips can be used as low back pain preventive measures as well as relieve measures. I have to say this, if the back pain persists, you are advised to see your doctor with immediate effect for further medical attention.

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