6 Easy Ways to Burn Calories at the Office

6 Easy Ways to Burn Calories at the Office

Looking for effective, easy ways to take off the pounds while you’re at work? If a desk job has you shackled to your chair for umpteen hours a day, don’t miss this quick guide to staying fit while you still bring home a paycheck:

Exercise at your desk.

Hitting the gym might be tough after a long day at work, so why not turn your desk into a mini gym. Multi-task while you exercise with discreet hand strengthening equipment like therapy putty, stress balls, and grip exercises that you can squeeze while you are on long conference calls. Portable pedal exercisers can also fit under your desk and allow you to pedal as you would a stationary bike while you take calls, type reports, send emails, you name it!

Take the stairs . . . always.

Skip the elevator and give your legs and glutes a workout by taking the stairs whenever you enter and exit the building. If you work on a ground floor, take the stairs up and back down in the morning. It’s five extra minutes of physical activity that will not only work your body’s muscles but get your blood pumping and wake you up as well. When you arrive at work, park further from your office day by day as well to increase the steps it takes you to get inside.

Drink more water.

A healthy hydration habit can indirectly but positively affect your personal poundage in clever ways. One, drinking water throughout the day is just a good way to stay full and avoid unhealthy cravings which can help contribute to weight loss. Two, it will make you have to get up from your desk more to both refill your water bottle as well as use the restroom. Less sitting and more walking can add up to increased calorie burn fast.

Take meetings on the go!

Ditch stuffy conference rooms that just have you sitting down more in the day and take meetings on the go. Walk laps around the building while you brainstorm, walk to lunch together down the block, or take meetings outside to a nearby park. The fresh air can boost attentiveness, and lush outdoor settings have been shown to help lower stress levels and improve mood.

Upgrade your desk.

With alarming reports comparing sitting to the “new smoking,” it’s time to consider getting up at work and finding new ways to successfully complete your duties without spending time in a chair. Standing desks which mechanically rise and allow you to work standing up are trending big time with tech companies and startups while sitting on exercise balls instead of chairs has also proven to be a fun and physically exerting solution. Some people even convert treadmills into desks so they can walk while they work without even stopping to think twice.


One easy weight loss pitfall common to work environments is stress-eating. Whether you skip breakfast and find yourself binging on salty, sugary snacks mid-morning, or you stress out over deadlines and stay late at work snacking on takeout, the opportunities to slip up are endless. Bring a little stress relief to your desk job with solutions like mini yoga breaks, diffusing relaxing essential oils, or taking small breaks to color or meditate. Your own emotional wellness will play an important role in helping you stave off stress-induced weight gain.

In addition to these easy yet effective calorie-burning tips for the office, also consider biking or walking to work. If you live close enough, this type of commute may be a good option to help you not just burn calories but reduce your carbon footprint as well!