Why Couples Break Up – 10 Types of Relationship Problems

Why Couples Break Up – 10 Types of Relationship Problems

No matter how healthy your relationship with your partner is, there might be minor problems here and there. Whether your couple life gets through the hurdle or faces the axe depends on how you both react to and handle the issues.

This post is exclusively crafted for young couples who are looking to get married or just got married and are hoping to lead a happy life together. Let’s take a look at the various types of relationship problems that are very common among couples.

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Top 10 types of relationship problems:

1. Cheating, lying, and making false promises

Cheating, stealing, bluffing, and making false promises are the top reasons for breakups and divorces. Once a person finds his/her partner doing any of these, then trust and love is automatically broken. As a result, the interest and willingness to stick with the person will drop drastically which breeds more fights and arguments in the future.

Make sure you do not give room to these issues, no matter what the severity of the situation is. Even in tough circumstances, letting your partner know of your problems will help improve the overall bonding of your relationship, so that you can seek advice and suggestions to make things right instead of going in the wrong direction and getting caught.

2. Decision-making power

Showing dominance or superiority over one another will also lead to relationship problems. This is very common when there is a decision to be taken on matters relating to work, finance, relocation, household issues, holidaying, and attending relatives’ events. In order to avoid problems, it’s important that couples respect each other’s decision and take a common call on things.

3. Conventional beliefs

Traditional beliefs and religious practices do exist in some places, and they’re another reason for couple’s relationship problems. In some villages and under developed areas (where the majority of the population is uneducated), wives are treated like slaves, which is very unacceptable. The common belief is that the husband is earning and he has the power to dominate his wife in family and personal matters. In turn, this causes women to hate not just their husband but also their own life. This is one of the reasons for divorce and remarriage.

4. Isolation from people

It’s very common that some people, right after their marriage, move to a different house for some privacy and togetherness. Although it might work for some time, it also leads to relationship problems in couples. When young men and women isolate themselves from their families and friends, they miss the learning experience. Moreover, talking more leads to more arguments with spouse.

Living separately from family and friends also causes a sense of fear and insecurity in couples. If you wish to avoid problems due to isolation, even if stay alone, make sure to visit your family, relatives and friends over the weekend. It will help strengthen your bond with people, so you always have a bunch of good people from whom you can seek advice.

5. No unity

Problems are bound to occur when one of the partners is least concerned about the other person’s goals. Sometimes, the wife could be ambitious looking to earn and save money to build a home and the husband could care less about it. Or, the husband would be looking to change jobs for a better career and the wife would disagree citing reasons like relocation. Scenarios like these could lead to relationship problems.

6. Insecurity and possessiveness

Possessiveness is one of the major causes of doubts and insecurity over one’s partner, which in turn leads to breakup/divorce. Silly reasons like getting a delayed response to a Whatsapp message or a 10-minute waiting time over a phone call should never be the reason to come to a conclusion that your partner is not attached to you. People don’t reply immediately when they are busy. There are instances when you should understand your partner and avoid initiating a fight.

7. Comparison

Comparisons are not uncommon in relationships. If you aren’t earning as much as your best friend, your wife might compare. Likewise, she might get frustrated when you praise the girl next door (for her gorgeous looks!). But, these are silly things that can lead to fights and frustration in any relationship.

If you are ever compared to someone, take it as a challenge and prove yourself – use it as an opportunity to succeed and let your wife know that you are better than what she thought you were. And please, don’t praise any girl when your wife is around. Admire your wife, praise her for her positives – that’s what she wants! A couple of positive comments can make her day while doing the opposite can easily initiate a fight.

8. Poor communication

Relationship problems are common among couples when feelings, thoughts, ideas, and opinions are wrongly conveyed and interpreted. Sometimes, even good intentions are misunderstood. That’s what we call as relationship problems due to poor communication. The only way to avoid this type of problem is to be more expressive and clear your doubts then and there instead of bringing them up at a later stage.

9. Complex

This type of problem is common when the wife is earning more than the husband or when one person is better than the other in any aspect. Comparisons by neighbors and colleagues could easily snowball a fight between the couple. So, no matter what the scenario is, never let either of you (you or your wife) feel that one is superior to the other. Take decisions together and share the good and bad moments together.

10. Bad physical behavior

Repeated abuse and complaining between couples could easily affect the mood of your partner and lead to relationship strains. Physical violence can easily lead to breakup and divorce. Make sure you control your emotions during fights to avoid this type of relationship problem.