Matthew Mcconaughey Hair Transplant

Matthew Mcconaughey Hair Transplant

Matthew mcconaughey is an American celebrity from Texas. He is best known for films such as the Lincoln lawyer among others. Most film enthusiasts know him because he never ceases to surprise. One surprise that went viral was about his hair loss and subsequent regrowth.

Matthew mcconaughey hair transplant rumors

There have always been rumors about celebrities having hair transplants. Matthew mcconaughey is one of the actors who have had very successful hair transplants. A part from the fact that this actor is a successful movie actor, it should be understood that his hair transplant in another aspect that contributed to his popularity. He now has beautiful blond hair. Unlike in the past, he now has full and youthful looking hair. If you want to witness this, you may have to look at his photos from 1999.

Matthew mcconaughey transplant style involved FUE, popularly known as the Follicular Unit Extraction. This is a surgical procedure where plugs of hair are extracted from the scalp before being transplanted on to areas where hair has been lost. It is a unique form of hair transplant since its principles are not similar to those of other transplants e.g. strip surgery.

Matthew mcconaughey hair transplant revelation

It took a significant amount of time before the world could understand what had happened to the celebrity’s hair. People knew him to be somehow bald but after some time, the celebrity developed amazing hair. It was on the March Issue of Elle magazine the people confirmed that indeed something was happening to Matthew mcconaughey’s hair. This was after the celebrity revealed that he had been involved in the use of special hair loss treatment. He explained that the treatment had been successful as he had been able to have his hair back. Despite the fact that he did not reveal the efficiency of his treatment choice, people can learn and confirm that it is a very effective form of treatment ever.

Advice from the actor

The Matthew mcconaughey hair transplant is special in its kind. The actor has given a handful of advice to those who may want to explore his idea to regrow hair. The celebrity’s moony advice as it is popularly known reveals that the best results in this method will be achieved if the following tip is adopted:

· A person who intends to have thicker hair should cut it when the moon is almost full

He, however, appears skeptical about the effectiveness of some of the concepts in his choice of hair transplant.

What can we learn from Matthew mcconaughey hair transplant?

There are a couple of lessons that a person can learn from the celebrity’s choice. First of all, not all treatment options are safe. It is always important to try out treatment options that have been licensed by MHRA and those that have been approved by the Food and Drugs Administration. The medication should be tried for at least six months before a person can consider a hair transplant. Many people are tempted into believing that hair loss can only be treated using transplants. The celebrity has made it clear that a plan that contains propecia and minoxidil can facilitate regrowth of hair.

Hair treatment before transplant

Matthew mcconaughey hair transplant has elicited a lot of discussions. Different persons have forwarded their views and opinion about re growing lost hair. In response to what people say, the celebrity unfolds that his hair loss treatment line can be combined with several contemporary re-growth options so that a comprehensive hair care plan can be achieved. In that case, it is always important to consider safe options, especially those that have been approved by FDA. For example, the use of the LaserComb can be very effective if used in combination with Matthew mcconaughey hair transplant. It may facilitate fast regrowth. Other options which are safe are open for exploration too.