How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle To Close Out 2018

How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle To Close Out 2018

We’re into the second half of 2018, and for most of us, that means the unhealthy seasons are ahead. When it gets colder out and the holiday season beckons there’s a temptation to spend more time inside, lounging about, eating treats and drinking sugary lattes and seasonal beers. And that’s to say nothing of the various possibilities for holiday season feasts just around the corner, or the hassle of going for a jog when it’s cold out. All things considered, it can be very easy to pack on the pounds in the latter months of the year. But we have a few tips on how to avoid these problems and maintain a healthy lifestyle to close out the year.

Get More Sleep

A piece written on this very topic had an intriguing bit at the end about how to live aligned with the season. It pointed out that shorter days and longer nights give you a perfect excuse to look after yourself – which, in the most basic way, means catching a few more hours’ sleep here and there! This may sound lazy in the context of keeping the pounds off, but adequate sleep is part of a healthy lifestyle. And so long as you’re eating well and exercising, it will actually help you to maintain or lose weight as well.

Join A Gym

It may be the most obvious tip in the book, but it’s particularly worth heeding in the fall and winter – especially if you tend to exercise outside. As mentioned, going for a jog when it’s cold out can be a hassle, if not downright unappealing. This is the right season to consider joining a gym if only because it gives you a chance (and an incentive, given membership fees) to exercise indoors, where the weather can no longer be an excuse. And you never know! You may just get in a routine and decide to stay with the gym permanently.

Bet On Yourself

If you Google the topic of betting on weight loss, you’ll see some fairly incredible stories about people hooking up with actual betting firms and challenging themselves to lose significant amounts. This may or may not be an option in the U.S. given the current expansions in betting opportunity. Some states do have open betting firms, and major companies are eyeing more states in the near future. Even if you can’t negotiate this kind of a bet with a real company, however, you can probably figure out another way of doing it in your community or online. The bottom line: if you bet on yourself to maintain or reach a target weight by the end of the year, you’re probably more likely to get there.

Cut Back On The Sugary Drinks

Maybe sugary drinks aren’t part of your average daily intake, but pumpkin spice lattes are a virtual cliché of the season at this point for a reason. A lot of us like to embrace the comfort-seeking nature of fall and winter in part by indulging in regular treats, and these kinds of drinks can be just about irresistible on the right day. Unfortunately, they’re also pretty bad for you. Starbucks lists its famous pumpkin spice lattes at 380 calories, which for reference is more than double what’s in a standard can of Coca-Cola (140 calories). So, if you tend to gain weight during the cooler seasons, cutting back on sugary drinks can work wonders. And you don’t even necessarily have to skip them entirely. If you still get a sweet latte now and then, try asking the barista to put just one pump of syrup instead of the usual three-to-five. It’s a small difference that really doesn’t alter the taste that much, but does cut back on some of the calories.

Regulate Your Water Consumption

This might sound like it has nothing to do with fitness levels, but there’s a fairly simple chain to follow here. Cooler weather can mean you’re less thirsty than you are all summer, which can mean you drink less water, which can mean you feel less full. Of course, it’s also bad not to hydrate properly in general, but if you’re careful about drinking a regular (and large) amount of water each day, you’ll naturally feel fuller, and less inclined to go nuts when there’s a holiday meal, or there are treats around the house.