10 Awesome Ideas That Will Make Your House Amazing

10 Awesome Ideas That Will Make Your House Amazing

We all have a vague idea of what our dream home should look like. Some might give importance to recreation and nature while others might stress on modern design and sustainability. You can make changes starting from the entrance to the backyard to transform your home the way you want it to be. 

Let’s take a look at the fruits of some extensive brainstorming and excellent engineering in making houses awesome:

#1 Embrace Books 

With the influx of technology, our daily lives have become robotic. We rely on a digital medium for all sorts of reads. What if you have a place at your home where you could unwind and still be lost among words. Consider an actual book. Adding a small, personal library to your décor can induce a relaxing environment. 

Books offer warmth and charm that’s hard to achieve with all the gadgets around us. Book shelves can be made using other innovative ideas as well. We can create a secret passage bookshelf on the door of the room of your choice. This way you can get different settings within your home.

#2 Fresh Flowers

Green is a very vibrant and soothing color. It doesn’t hurt to fill your room with fresh scents as well. So keep fresh flowers in the house. White blooms, fresh herbs or even eucalyptus can give a natural touch to your home and make it complete. 

What else is good about it? Well, it will only cost you a few bucks and will keep your room fresh. Another innovative idea is to stock or grow fresh herbs in the kitchen. This will give you a regular supply and will keep your kitchen fresh as well.

#3 Colors

Deciding on a color palette from the start will help you settle on a décor much more quickly. It will also bring an aesthetic touch to your home. If your space is small like an apartment, this will make your space feel more “connected”, room to room. 

#4 Indoor Hammock

Hammocks are mostly used for recreation outdoors. That doesn’t mean you have to adhere to it all the time. What do you think about adding one to your bedroom? You can also hang it by your stairs. If you have the adequate space and tools, why not? It would look good in the attic, between two rooms or even instead of your couch.

#5 Slide Beside The Stairs

What is the best solution to enhance your boring staircase? How to make the home not a boring place for children? Well, the answer to both the questions is the same. That is an added bit of adventure in the form of a slide. Getting creative with the staircase can help you save space for recreation as well.

#6 Ping Pong Door

Whether you aim to be the next world ping pong champion or like indulging in competition now and then, this is the ideal stop for you. It’s an entirely functional door and on the flipside, it’s a complete pingpong table. It is perfect for apartments or places where there is no enough space for ping pong. A flip of the switch and everything you need for a match is set.

#7 Get A Foosball Table

It might not be possible to have an entire gaming arcade at your home. But, what can you add that is compact in size and is fun as well? It’s the foosball table. It can be added to your living room or bedroom according to the décor you want. You can also get innovative with the coffee table by adding foosball under it. This way you can save space further more. 

#8 Backyard Cinema

Do not like going to the movies? Not happy with your home theater system? Have space in your backyard? Then, let’s create a backyard cinema. This will give you the flexibility you always wanted. You can watch a movie on the big screen without even going out of your house. You have to find a place to hook the big screen, like the wall of your garage. You can put chairs or beanbags on your lawn and add accessories like a grill depending upon your needs. Keep it dark, get a suitable audio system, get a projector of your choice and pass the popcorn.

#9 Aquarium Bed 

Ever dreamt of sleeping underwater with aquatic life all around you? An overhead aquarium headboard is perfect and can be custom made to give your bedroom an aquatic look and feel. If you are a fish lover and have money to spare, go for it.

#10 The Unique Pool

An ordinary pool is too mainstream. You can get creative by having an indoor-outdoor pool. It is like having two pools. You get to enjoy nature and will also get the comforts of your home. This is ideal for having drinks by the poolside as well. Another way to have a different pool is setting one up in your balcony. You will get the added benefit of the elevation and the view it offers. The only hurdle will be the space constraints. Another way to have a different pool is to have an indoor pool with a jacuzzi attached to it.

So, from now on, great interiors need not be restricted to spas, hotels, and resorts alone. With some changes here and there, you can transform your house the way you have dreamt about. Apply the ideas listed in the article, if you are moving to a new home or draw inspiration from them to make your house an excellent place to live in. Don’t shoehorn your house into any stereotypes and never stop being innovative.