Emerging Fashion Photographers That Are Inspiring People On Instagram

Emerging Fashion Photographers That Are Inspiring People On Instagram

Fashion photography is big. And with Instagram getting bigger by the day, getting past the 400 million mark in 2015, fashion has only got bigger. Every year, we see new trends and designs dominate the world of fashion. The ones who bring it to the eyes of fashion lovers like us are none other than fashion photographers and bloggers.

This week, we decided to put together a list of emerging fashion photographers that are inspiring people on Instagram. If you are an aspiring fashion photographer, then you might be curious to learn 12 Things That Can Help You Click Better Instagram Pictures before checking out these emerging fashion photographers:

1. Kristie Muller

Muller once said the easiest way to steal a beautiful object without getting messy is to take a nice picture of it. Nothing speaks prettier and clearer than a photo. Based out in NYC, this photographer often steals moments of fun, sensuality, and humor that she comes across when travelling through the city. Muller is a part of The Ardorous and Petra Collin’s girls-only collection. Her love for photography was born in her pre-college days when she started taking pictures using disposable cameras.

Take a look at her portfolio on Instagram, and you will find a number of simple yet elegant photos that range from half-broken wine bottles to decade-old pieces of paper and frozen chairs and walls of damaged homes.

2. Gorsad

Gorsad’s collections are an instant hit among the youth because they meet the mood and interest of the younger generation. The photographer behind the account says every adult has a close connection with his/her childhood days. That’s exactly the reason why the Ukraine based photo shooter focuses more on showcasing the emotions and happiness of children and teens in photographic form. Gorsad means Urban garden and the photographer’s Instagram account is a garden full of kids and children’s beautiful expressions and reactions to the usual day-to-day activities. Follow Gorsad if you want to immerse yourself into the youth culture.

3. Mayan Toledano

If you love to explore girly photos on Instagram, then look no further than Mayan’s account. Ranging from cute bikini girls to romantic bedrooms to lovely roses, you will find everything romantic and sexy in the photographer’s portfolio.

Mayan attended Parsons School of Design to study fashion designing. She partners with Julia Baylis and sells a range of fashion accessories under the label Me and You. Take a look at Mayan’s gallery and you’ll get to know what kind of photos she mostly focuses on.

4. Bex Day

Bex Day is the official account of a 22-year old professional photographer and editor who lives, eats, and breathes photos. With a loyal following in excess of 4700, she is one of the most popular upcoming photographers on Instagram, and someone seriously worth following.
What makes Bex Day stand out from the other photographers? Well, this is a gallery full of unusual and interesting stuff that are hard to come across elsewhere. From old beige stockings to American desert towns to pot-bellied bicyclers and exhibition street arts, there are tons of bizarre stills to look forward in Bex Day. Make sure to check them out.

5. Petra Collins

Petra Collins is one of those photographers who is quickly gaining celebrity status on Instagram. With a following of over 302,000 (and growing) she is someone people are looking forward to when it comes to getting inspiring ideas for photo shoots or just learn a trick or two about angles and filters.

In her image gallery, you will not just find girlhood collections but also some of the funkiest fashion photographers Petra has met and keeps in touch with. In short, Petra’s Instagram account is a great place to explore some cool art collections and female artists.