Creative Homemade Musical Instrument Ideas for Kids

Creative Homemade Musical Instrument Ideas for Kids

Children love music, therefore, learning how they can make their own musical instruments at home can bring out the creativity in them. Besides, knowing how to play a musical instrument enhances the way their brain process segments of spoken language. Therefore, making music part of your child’s education journey is imperative.

For this reason, it is important to teach them how to make music using creative homemade musical instruments and for more on music star walk kids has loads of ideas for kids.

Homemade Harmonica

This instrument comes with a distinct sound and petite size that makes it intriguing. It is made with thin strings of brass that are of different sizes. For it to produce the sound, air must be passed into the harp to make the strings vibrate. You can create your Homemade Harmonica by tapping straws of different sizes together and blow into airways.

Water Xylophone

You will need tall glasses, water and mixing spoons. If you want a musical instrument with several sounds, a Water Xylophone is a good choice. All you need to do is fill the glass with different amount of water and use a spoon to tap the glass. Make sure you have less water in the glasses as this will produce a high pitch. Your children will hear the tones generated.

Homemade Rainstick

The rainstick is a distinct musical instrument that is always linked to indigenous cultures. A Homemade Rainstick will help you bring that ancient tune that will let you inspire a calm effect in your house. You can use a cardboard tube, ribbons, paper, and pebble to produce the sound.

Paper Plate Banjo

Pamper your children’s caprices with a homemade banjo created from paper plates and rubber bands. Pile two strong paper plates and staple them. Allow the kids to decorate the plates with their preferred colors and stickers. Put a paint stick to the backside of the plates and stick some beads with glue at the end. Put your strings by stretching the rubber bands around the stacked plates.

Can Drums

Drums play a vital role in creating the rhythm to a tune, and they offer a great guide when dancing to the beat. You can make drums by using things like an empty can and a balloon. Take your balloon and stretch it tight over the hollow part of the can and tighten it with a rubber band. You will also need two drumsticks. Get dowels from a nearby craft store and beads with holes. Use glue to stick the dowels into the beads.

A simple Tambourine

You need two paper plates, paper punch, string, crayons, jingle bells, and glue. Glue your paper plates together while facing one another. Use the paper punch to create holes around the plates and attach the jingle bells to the holes using the string. Colour the tambourine with your crayons.


You need rubber bands, stick, and an empty shoe box. Take out the cover from the shoe box and stretch your rubber bands around the box. Mount the stick to the back of the box on one side to serve as the arm of the string. The guitar can be played by plucking the bands.