Celebrity Hair Transplant

Celebrity hair transplant

Top 7 Celebrities with successful hair transplant

Celebrity hair transplant is always something that always fascinates the commoners. There are many celebrities who have gone through the hair transplantation procedures. These popular males were the ones who had glory of their crown and were handsome and bold. Due to various reasons this crowning glories started getting reduced and lead to baldness that can ruin their looks in all the angles. This is a fact that the hair we have today is lost tomorrow but if it started falling more substantially then t can spoil the looks as the crown gets thinners and also looks weird. Here are some of the celebrities who have gone through hair transplant.

Sourav Ganguly

This former captain of Indian cricket team has amazed his fans with his messy air that looked thick and awesome. Things went different when he found the first bald spot on his scalp. This was found in the early days of 2000s. His hair transplant is a popular celebrity hair transplant that worked well on him and could make the patches go making his hair look thick as before.

Aditya Pancholi

Aditya Pancholi was an actor who has great demand in the hindi movies when he faced a recession of his crown during 1990s. This started making him lose his looks and many of his opportunities were also lost. He was an actor who had no interest in using wig and so he started using hair transplant procedure and used it at Dubai. The result of the procedure is really visible because his looks have really got enhanced. It is really great to see him fit, with thick hair and awesome appearance. He has never looked so great before. This procedure has really made him look exceptional.

David Beckham

This former footballer of Britain had numerous fans around the whole world not only for his skills in football but because of his awesome looks. His looks got daunted with the hair issues that he faced for more than one decade. He dealt the issue then with the unusual hairstyles for covering up the recession on his crown. These hair styles can be considered as the great ideas of him rather than the unusual looks. He didn’t go long with these hair styles but tried with hair transplantation. This is a celebrity hair transplant that can be considered as awesome because he got the hair of his wife Victoria who is a singer and model woven on his scalp.

Shane Warne

The spinner Shane Warne has also gone through hair loss which has become public. The hair transplantation of Shane Warne is a celebrity hair transplant that has reached whole over the world. You can compare the looks of Shane Warne at the time during retirement and also during the time of IPL that recently held. The fresh hair of Warne can be considered as the success that he has got with the hair transplant.


During last year, Govinda had a period when he was away from silver screen. This was the time he was trying to protect his hair that has gone through transplant. This is one among the celebrity hair transplant that has really fascinated the people all around as he has proved that older guys can also achieve great looks through this procedure. He did the procedure after getting advice from Salman who has gone through the procedure successfully.

Gordon Ramsay

This celebrity hair transplant is an unsuccessful one because he suffered due to some allergic reaction of the anaesthesia that is used for procedure. He went through the procedure after consulting Dr Antonio Armani. Poor fellow could not get the results he was expecting but it rather gave a negative impact on his looks.

Abhijeet Bhattacharya

He is another popular example of a successful celebrity hair transplant. He was suffering from very weird baldness that he cured through the procedure of hair transplant. He has also gone through laser surgery in the same hospital were Salman khan went through the procedure which is at ILHT Dubai. The fact is that as he is not the handsome hunk of bollywood nobody might have taken notice on his looks but he does have some changes.