7 tips for home office makeover on a budget



It is undeniable that the workplace is changing. More and more people, globally, are leveraging technology to work several hours a week from home. Employees have family commitments, employers want to reduce operational overheads. Freelancers typically work from home to save on office space rent.

Home offices are on the rise. Some people can work from any desk or chair. Others like architects and designers need a dedicated work area. Typically, the basement, the attic, or some seldom-used part of the house is where the office ends up. After a few years, however, we do feel the need to have a more professional set up.

The thought of cost, though, stops most of us from planning for home office interiors. We look up commercial interior design and our suspicions are confirmed. It will be expensive. But it truly isn’t. Home offices can be set-up and refreshed within any budget you have.

Here are 7 tips how you can makeover your home office on a budget.

1. Make the most of your space: Most people don’t need large spaces to operate their home office. Choose your space based on your output. If you are a product blogger, you need a work desk that accommodates a computer, a printer, and a few other peripherals. A storage set up for your products and another desk for photographing them. Even a 50 square-foot area can be made to do a lot.

2. Identify your essentials: What do you absolutely need. If you primarily share your work via electronic means, investing in things like letterhead and stocking up on stationery may not be necessary for you. Any storage space you save, can go towards your work.

3. Buy low cost but durable: Furnishings need not be top bracket always but ensure they are durable. The chair must always be of excellent quality, especially if your work needs you to sit for hour-long stretches. Look for local store sales to pick up your furnishing needs. You can always go the online route from reputed online sellers.

4. Thrift it if you can: Furnishings can also be purchased from thrift shops. Often, antique looking pieces can be purchased at fantastic prices and your office takes on a sophisticated look.

5. Vertical space is useful: Pick up floating shelves and similar wall structures that are inexpensive and easy to mount. Home office interior design is almost automatically taken care of. Display units, storage units, filing units – everything can go up on walls.

6. Go wireless: Hardware is becoming economical. Pick up wireless options for your electronic needs. Clear up space under your desk and use it for your work too.

7. Seek inspiration but keep your counsel: Pinterest and other websites are great for home office makeover inspiration. A commercial interior design magazine can give you both design ideas and pricing information for most of your needs. Ultimately, though, choose your upgrade according to your budget.

Do the necessary research, get the home office makeover you always wanted.

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