5 Actionable Ways to Drive Organic Traffic to Your Fashion Blog

5 Actionable Ways to Drive Organic Traffic to Your Fashion Blog

Blogging is not just a hobby anymore. It’s business for many. Big business. If you are an aspiring fashion blogger, then you might be pleasantly surprised to know that fashion bloggers are earning millions of dollars per year by investing no money but only their time and effort.

Tons of blogs are cropping up, and the good news is, there is room for tons more! There are two things that make a fashion blogger successful: (1) Blogging skills and (2) Photography skills. If you are looking to take your fashion blog off the ground.

1. Start Sharing

Right from day one, doesn’t matter whether you’ve published a couple or more posts, start promoting your blog. Ask your family members, friends, and relatives to share your blog on social media. And make sure to get their feedback on the content as well.

This will set things up for something bigger. Now, think about taking your blog visibility to the next level. Reach out to the most popular fashion bloggers (find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) and request them to check your blog. You will be surprised to know how a single tweet or share from influential bloggers can change the fate of your promotions. And that’s how networks are built!

2. Increase your reader base

When it comes to increasing the readership of your blog, two thing are important – consistency and strategy. Make sure to post content consistently (don’t leave a gap) so that your readers feel the need to come back for more. It makes sense to mention in your Home page when you’ll be updating your blog. Something like “We post every Monday and Wednesday” will educate your readers about your posting schedule.

Secondly, have a clear strategy. Take advantage of the latest fashion events taking place in your city (and even outside). For example, if a leading celebrity is wearing pantyhose/stockings, make sure to review it. If you dislike it, tell reasons why it’s bad or vice-versa. These types of content will generate immediate response from your viewers and increase your comments and social shares dramatically.

3. Reach out to marketing Agencies

The above two techniques should help you gain a loyal following provided your content is informative and engaging. The next step is to get in touch with the clothing brand. To get started, it makes sense to filter out a list of PR or marketing agencies that are promoting the brands which you love and talk about often in your blog. A simple idea to generate a list of PR agencies is to Google the term “PR firm” along with the target clothing brand. In most cases, you will find press releases in the search results. You can find the contact information there and then reach out to the brand promoters. Easy, isn’t it?

If you already like a particular brand and have reviewed it on your blog, then don’t hesitate to send out the links to respective agencies and a few good reasons explaining why your blog would be a good marketing medium for their brand. Make sure not to miss out the upcoming clothing brands – they are always eager and excited to promote their stuff on other medium.

This is one easy way to drive organic traffic as well.

4. Accept payment for your services

Once you’ve established yourself as a reputable blogger with a loyal following, then don’t hesitate to ask for payments from brands. Or, make sure to ask a piece of the promoted piece – treat it like an advertisement for their brand. With offline advertisements becoming expensive and less noticeable these days, every fashion brand is looking for online advertisements. And when that is through a reputable blogger who has thousands of followers, the brand owners aren’t going to think twice to take cash in on the opportunity.

However, make sure to stick to your core job as a blogger and not an out-and-out promoter – you’ve to play the balancing act well here. One way to promote and still maintain your reputation and grow as a leading blogger is to promote authentic brands – the ones that people can try and thank you in the comments. That’s how you build trust and even traffic for your blog. And yeah, money too!

5. Get Out There

At some stage, you will start getting bored of the same readers passing pretty much the same comments. In that case, you could consider guest posting on the top blogs in your niche and try and get some publicity there. You don’t have to spend a penny. Just plan your time and allocate an hour every day to reach out to other blog owners and an hour more to write for them. Once your content goes live in 20-25 different blogs, you will see your traffic shoot through the roof.

To get some link juice, make sure to include links to your blog in the content and author bio.
Implement these ideas and you will notice a big difference in the way you grow as a blogger. You will start driving traffic while also generating money by seizing the right opportunity.